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Wednesday, August 11, 1999 - Sunday, August 15, 1999 -- Huntington
Tour of West Virginia
Story & photos by Julie Bertsch

Martinsburg: [Coverage] [Pics] [Results]
Wheeling: [Coverage] [Pic Set 1] [Pic Set 2] [Results]
Huntington: [Coverage] [Pic Set 1] [Pic Set 2] [Pic Set 3] [Results]
Charleston: [Coverage] [Pic Set 1] [Pic Set 2] [Pic Set 3] [Results]

Pro 1-3
Pre-Race rain is a concern for many of the Pro-Riders
Lots of spectators gathered on the streets of Huntington, despite the chance of rain, for the 3rd race in the tour of West Virginia road bike racing series. The start was close to the local's favorite eatery, Jim's Restaurant. Racers placed their extra tires against the rails, and on-lookers had their umbrellas handy, just in case. The weather was pretty damp all day, but right before the Pro-Race there was quite a downpour. This quick rain storm lead to slick track conditions for the Pro-Race, where the bikers can reach speeds well over 30 mph. The course was fast, with some semi-steep downhills, leading into the sharp turns.

Pro 1-3
Pro-Racers fly by in a blur of speed
With $10,000 in prizes going 25 places deep, the Pro 1-3 Race had a lot of excitement in store for the spectators, and the bikers. Sixty-four Pros were ready to hit the streets, but the concern about the track conditions was obvious. Finally the rain had come, but it could not have come at a worse time! The rain made the streets slick with oil and water. A little storm could not stop the professional riders from doing the 35 miles that the race called for, or from going for the prize money.

The race for the 1st place prize was tight. The bikers constantly "drafted" each other, just like race car drivers do in a NASCAR race. Winner of the Martinsburg race, Todd Littlehales from Team Navigators, sprinted to the finish ahead of the pack to take the Overall win. Shaklee Team rider Graeme Miller, who won the Pro-1-3 Race in Wheeling, took 2nd Overall, and Greg Walker finished 3rd.

Jacob Fetty
Jacob Fetty of Team Go-Mart WV takes the lead
The Cat. 3-4 Race had bikers riding 20 miles, with 39 riders ready to roll at the start. Pulling ahead of the pack in lap 24 was Jacob Fetty of Team Go-Mart WV. Fans were going crazy as they shouted, "Go Jacob!" around every turn. Fetty kept a 3 second lead for a while, but then dropped back into the pack of chasers. The pack stayed together, but much to everyone's surprise, Jacob had some more energy stored away. Fetty really pedaled hard to capture the Overall 1st place prize. Shawn Goodwin and Dave Garland, took the 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

The Citizens Cat./5 race was 10 miles and the prizes went 5 deep. Twenty-four racers entered the race. Five bikers stayed together through half of the race, while the rest of the pack waited to make their move. Jason Means managed to pull ahead, and finish in 1st place. Then Mike Bowen and Drew Morse followed, fairly close behind to take the 2nd & 3rd Overall places.