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More pictures from the 20th Annual Ridge Runner Races

[Event Recap] [Marathon Results] [10 Mile Run Results]

Charlie Minesinger
    (50,435K - 640x480)on a scenic section of roadway
Debbie and Tim Ambro, and ?
    (12,461K - 304x349)in a group early in the marathon (dark picture)
David Pruder
    (51,739K - 590x354)crossing the finish line 3rd in the marathon
Brian Peacock
    (65,226K - 640x480)as seen from the driver's seat
Carrie Smith
    (61,393K - 640x480)crossing the line 3rd overall for the women
Larry Taylor
    (33,738K - 370x325)winning the 10 mile race
Edward Cunningham
    (13,970K - 142x325)recovering after a first 14 and under finish in the 10 mile race
Maureen Clark
    (50,428K - 548x322)the first female finisher in the 10 mile race
Fred Smart
    (60,071K - 640x480)with medal after a first place marathon finish, Male 45-49 (Amy Murray is in this pic looking at her shoes)
J.T. Spanos (thumbnail)
    (9,509K - 152x246)J.T. Spanos from Blacksburg, VA early in his first marathon. He finished with a time of 3:56.
J.T. Spanos
    (66,438K - 640x480)the big pic for the thumbnail above
Race Start
    (41,640K - 639x411)original picture and it is kind of dark (cool shoe reflections)
Karsten Brown (thumbnail)
    (5,363K - 108x213)sports his hat and tie in the marathon
Karsten Brown
    (64,076K - 640x480)the big pic for the thumbnail above
    (22,323K - 480x380)who we always need to thank (dark picture)
    (24,581K - 316x285)runner crossing the finish line (white shirt, shoes and shorts)