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Sunday, March 28, 1999 -- Morgantown
Cooper's Rock Challenge 10K

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Results [10K Overall] [10K by Class] [5K Overall] [5K by Class]

WVOutside thanks Rocky Kimble for helping out with the photos pictured below.

Jimmy Groves (e)

Ryann Metheny (e)

Jim Woolfitt (e)

James Judy (e)

James Watkins (e)

Johnny Keller, Pam Todd (e)

Jennifer Robertson (e)

Mary Mlinarcik (e)

Kara Anderson (e)

Donna Ford-Werntz (e)

Debi Page (e)

Dorothy Maust (e)

Barbara Kerin, ??? (e)

Christy Brooks (e)

Candy Buchanan (e)

Sally Pratt (e)

Robert Blosser, Christie Lott (e)

Robin Stanton (e)

John Busch (e)

Sally Pratt (e)

Stephen Hiser (e)

Julie Meder, Janet Williams (e)

Yeah, we're cool (e)

Chuck Cornelius (e)

EJ Linger (e)

A good Raffle always attracts a crowd (e)

Handmade trophies by Bob Baker (e)

Eric Parow & Fiance (e)

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