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Sunday, March 12, 2000 -- Davis, WV
USASA Appalachian Snowboard Series
Story and photos by Marty Lamp

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USASA Boarder Cross
David Kubicheck rides on the edge
Sunshine and warm weather the past two weeks may have encouraged many people to put their skis and snowboards into hibernation, and to break out the shorts and sandals. Well not so fast... on Saturday, March 12th in Davis, winter was in full force, and looked to be going nowhere soon.

The temperature was a frisky 25 degrees, with snow falling hard, and with Timberline's Terrain Park still standing strong despite the recent warm weather, the first boardercross event of the 2000 USASA Appalachian Snowboard Series was on.

USASA Boarder Cross
Frederick Carter on his way to the win
The 12 gate course started at the entrance to the Terrain Park, and quickly brought racers to the first of two brave-as-you-wanna-be jumps. Racers careened left and right fighting for the inside of every corner on the way to the bottom of the mountain.

In the finals, it was Frederick Carter and Mike "Swifty" Messenger of the Masters (30-39) class battling it out after winning their respective heats. From the start, Swifty jumped out to the front, and seemingly was running away with the win, until the first jump. All that speed took Swifty to new heights, and the landing was not stellar. As Swifty sat making sure everything was intact, Carter slipped by, and cruised on to the win.

Brent Easton was the fastest person in the Jaws (18-22) age group, while Dave Kubicheck won the Seniors (23-29) class.

The snow conditions at Timberline are truly amazing considering our recent weather, and with the frigid temperatures taking over once again, you can rest assured the snow makers will be working overtime. Make sure to check out the next USASA Boarder Cross event at Timberline on March 26th.