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Saturday, April 1, 2000 -- Indiana, PA
Fools Run 10K
Story and photos by Julie Bertsch

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Fools 10K
The kid's race was an exciting event for everyone to enjoy
On Saturday, April 1st, the first leg of the Indiana Triple Crown was kicked-off! Beautiful blue skies could be seen for miles over the multi-purposed ice facility called the Indiana Ice Center, where over 100 runners and 30 walkers gathered for the Fools 10K. Held in the Christmas tree capitol of the world and the home of IUP University, Indian, PA proves to be a famous mark on the map just south of Punxsutawney where an infamous groundhog named "Phil" resides. Even Andy Hart from The Planet 92.5 FM was there to give everyone in Indiana updates on the race.

Fools 10K
Tim Lentz cruises to the finish line of the 10K Run
The racers gathered at the start of the fast course, which had some tough hills to content with in the last few miles of the 10K Run. As participants anxiously awaited the sound of the starting pistol, spectators lined the course to catch a glimpse of the action.

The sun beat down on the course, but a cool breeze seemed to give some runners some extra speed. Tim Lentz from Rural Valley, PA came around the last turn barely breaking a sweat. His time of 32:50 earned him the top spot in the race.

Fools 10K
Smiles were all over the course
A well known runner in the area who has an incredible racing resume was coming on strong for 2nd place. The bright red shirt of Tammy Slusser of Monroeville, PA could be seen in a blur entering the finishers shoot. Slusser, who took the 1st place woman's spot in the Pittsburgh Marathon in 1994, and 2nd in the women's class in the 1999 Charleston Distance Run, finished the Fools Run with a fast time of 36:52. Slusser took home the 2nd place Overall plaque.

Only 6 seconds behind Slusser was Indiana native, Jeff Tomecek (36:58), who held his own to finish 3rd Overall respectively.

Fools 10K
Walkers enjoyed the sunshine
The first walker to arrive at the finish was Steve Bence, a Penn Hills, PA native and a familiar face in Indiana. Bence finished 1st Overall in the walk with a time of 25:52. Gary Young(28:59,) was all smiles when he crossed the finish line 2nd in the Walk. John Hilema placed 3rd in the Walk with a time of 40:16.

After the race everyone enjoyed fruit and drinks, and lounging in the Indiana Ice Center. Bill Winters and crew from the Indiana Road Runners Club announced the winners as everyone applauded. This is only the beginning, as the Indiana Triple Crown continues. Check the Pennsylvania Running Schedule for more races in Indiana.

Special Thanks: To Bill Winters, The Indiana Road Runners Club, Dave Napes & Crew, S&T Bank, and the Indiana Hospital for making this event possible.