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Saturday, June 24, 2000 -- Charleston, WV
Coonskin Trail Run
Story and photos by Pam Anderson

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starting line
Leaving civilization: the start of the Coonskin 10K
Continuing the 50-year birthday celebration of Coonskin Park, runners from the area sprinted from the start line in the first Coonskin Trail Run 10K. With the hot and muggy weather the runners started the course with an easy sprint past the park pond and across the railroad tracks where they then headed into the hills to conquer challenging steep inclines, muddy and rough terrain to the last downhill sprint to the finish line. As the runners crossed the finish line one runner commented. "Ah so this is what civilization looks like."

As the runners started reentering civilization, Jared Smith was the first to stagger across the finish line with the comment; "It was brutal but fun." Even after a wrong turn he was able to get back into the race and regain his lead. Jared is heading to the Nationals at the University of Kentucky in July. Congratulations and best of luck. Also rejoining the land of the living was Thomas Samples with a second place finish and Michael Dolin with a third place finish. Great job guys!

The first female finisher to reenter the civilized world was Katherine Kapo. Katherine runs college track for Marshall University. Coming in behind her for a second place finish was Lyndsay Gore and for the third place finish was Lindsay Copeland. Congratulations ladies for conquering the course!

Even with a few wrong turns and few trips over rocks the runners enjoyed trying to conquer this adventurous and tough course. Some failed but most succeeded. A big hand to Joni Adams and Linda for laying out a great challenging course to set the runners on an adventure of a lifetime.