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Monday, September 4, 2000 -- Parkersburg, WV
The Smoot Mile
Story and photos by Pat Shreves

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Smoot Mile
The classic Smoot Theatre
On Labor Day, runners and walkers gathered on Market Street in Parkersburg for the 3rd annual Smoot Mile. The weather was anything but predictable. The fog of early morning burned off to reveal 72 degrees and high humidity. After a few classes were completed, a light sprinkle began to fall that soon turned into a steady shower. It temporarily cooled things off, but the sun peered through for the final races.

Entries were up slightly from 100 for the previous race to 110 for this year. Many of the men's and women's classes were combined which left plenty of time between races. The course started between 18th and 19th street and ended just before 5th street. It was level or a gradual grade and ended with a downhill that encouraged fast finishes.

First up were the walkers with John Mike Nichols crossing the finish line with a time of 8:18. First across for the women was Martha Marks with a time of 10:03.

Smoot Mile
Elaine Nichols pours it on
The runners began with David Martin taking the 60-64 class with a time of 6:47, Willis Ridenour taking the 65-69 with a time of 6:53 and Dale Masters took first in 70+ at 7:48. Women 60 and over, was Marty Owings coming in at 9:37.

Men's 50-54 was a close race with Joe Corra and Gary McMahan finishing 1 and 2 with times of 5:16 and 5:17 respectfully. Rick Brown pulled in the 55-59 with a time of 5:34.

There were more close finishes. Ed Frohnapfel at 4:46 for first and Mike Taylor at 4:47 for second in the men's 40-44. Don Lane took the 45-49 with a 5:25. First in 40-44 women's was Sharon Marks at 6:33 and first in 45-49 was Connie Hurst at 6:27.

Smoot Mile
One fast mile for Jared Segara
Randy Gibbs posted a 4:49 for first in the men's 30-34 and Dan Foy turned in a 5:34 to take the men's 35-39. Elaine Nichols took first in women's 30-34 with a time of 9:58 and Linda Cannon finished first in 35-39 at 6:18.

Jared Smith came in first in the men's under 29 with a time of 4:41. High school boys was taken by Lyle Sulfridge with a 4:50 and the high school girls was taken by Jenna Matheny at 6:19. Matt Lilly was first with a 5:12 in the 13 & 14 boys. Kindra Bloomer posted a 6:25 for first in 13 & 14 girls. Michael Goertler lead a tight finishing field in the 11 & 12 boys taking first with a time of 6:13. Taylor Phillips took the 11 & 12 girls with a time of 6:49.

Smoot Mile
Mike Taylor runs through the rain
The 9 & 10 boys finished with Ben Wise in front at 6:32, while the 9 & 10 girls with Sara Foy first at 6:15. The 7 & 8 year old boys and girls finished very close. Keely Diamond took first in the girls with a time of 7:57 and Tyler Cox took first in the boys at 7:59.

As the Invitationals grew near and the rain tapered off, the crowd at the finish line grew larger. In the women's division, Heather Bury took first with a time of 5:00, in second was Erin O'Reilly with a time of 5:19 and Monica Vannest, third at 5:51. First in the men's invitational was Jared Segara finishing with a time of 3:59.67. Second was Levis Anyega with a time of 4:12 and third, Shadrack Nyakeraka with a time of 4:21.

Special thanks to race director; Dorsey Cheuvront, the River City Runners, and all the other volunteers that helped with communications, traffic control, etc.