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Saturday, September 16, 2000 -- Carmichaels, PA
Cool Country Covered Bridge 103
Story and photos by Mike Monroe

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Cool Country 103
A day of beautiful riding
Cool Country Covered Bridge 100k, explains it all. It was cool, very cold actually, it was way back in the country, and there were a few beautiful covered bridges. The tour started at 9am Saturday morning and wound through the countryside for 64 miles, or 100k.

With the cold wind nipping everyone's exposed skin I thought these guys would have packed up and left, but no, they were ready to be tortured for the next several hours. The course was a demanding one, but it also had a lot to give with its beautiful scenery. It was lined with farms and beautiful country decor like lace that runs around a pillow.

I stopped a few times just to take in the fresh air and to pay close attention to those little things that rural people take for granted. It was nice to get out and about even though it was really cold and it even started to put the rain down in a constant hard mist. Thad Swestyn lead the group from the get go. He is a member of Team Habitat, who sponsored this tour to raise awareness of Habitat for Humanity and the resources needed to make it a successful program.

Cool Country 103
103K of fun!
The course went up and down and side to side all over Greene county only to stop and take in the festivities at all the covered bridges that were on the paved pathway. The rain and cold weather did not keep families from coming to the bridges and taking in the festival and the good food. I even had to stop and get some food, and I got more than my share! It was all so good I wanted to have one of everything, and I tried.

The course was comparable to a few races and tours that Thad has done. He said "This race was probably one of the most demanding courses I have ever been on and I probably had the best time on this course also."

After finishing the tour they were welcomed by granola bars, sports drinks and a warm car. They all went for the warm car. Roger Saunders was the coordinator of the tour and of Team Habitat, he told me that a few other places started doing this and he thought it would be a kinda cool thing to try. He also said he was glad everyone that came out did, but he would like a bigger crowd next year to come out and ride. I encourage anyone who likes the countryside to go to this race next year, I thought it was a well laid out, and thought out course. So next year hop in the car with bikes atop the car and stop by to cruise with Team Habitat through the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside.