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Saturday, October 7, 2000 -- Wheeling, WV
Corporate Fitness Cup
Story and photos by Mike Monroe

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5K Walkers
Staying fit and having fun
The fog was out in a thick blanket Saturday morning. The air was also nipping at all of my exposed skin. I left my house early so I could get there about a half an hour before the race. It turned out everyone had already piled into the Wheeling Park High's Gymnasium. All of the 750 people were trying to stay as warm as possible by cuddling up against each other in the bleachers. The air was very clear and cool up on that big hill that the High School sits on. I wandered around and talked to several people before the race and found that the cold wasn't going to stop these people from helping out the YMCA and Coats for Kids. I was impressed by the enthusiasm that every team possessed and was willing to pass on as they encouraged each other.

One of the liveliest teams was the Seibert and Kasserman law firm. They were not regular 5K'ers but they were just as excited and pumped to be there as the veterans. One of the team members had a nice night out on the town the night before so she was feeling a little rough for the race, I figured it was just nerves. These ladies were full of energy and their captain, Linda Wiater, was never at a loss for words. She let me in on the down low information about her team, and she also told me about their strengths and weakness. She said that this was her first 5k and she had so much fun that she is going to do another, and maybe even another.

Everyone's a winner
Everyone was a champion for a day
The largest team was the team from OVHS. They had around 200 team members and they all were very ecstatic about the whole event. I talked to several of their walkers and took several pictures of them on the course. I found they were all far from camera shy and always had a encouraging word to say also.

One of the youngest contestants was Matt Miller, age 9, who came up to me after the race and wanted to see if I got his picture or not. This was Matt's 2nd race, and he felt he did a lot better at this race than his first. I searched the camera and couldn't find a picture of him anywhere. After looking and looking I finally found it and he had left before I got to show him. So, Matt, if you read this look towards the back of the pictures and there you are flyin' past me. One more thing, Matt, keep up the good work and continue to enjoy those 5k's. Matt also wanted to say "Hi Kristen" and "Hi Mom!"

Shane Murphy
Shane Murphy runs away from the competition
For the more serious runners in the race, there was some good competition. From the beginning Shane Murphy (15:41) led the pack and set the pace for the morning, and finished first well ahead of the rest of the field. However, racing for second had Michael Hudimac (18:06) and Anthony Zuchengo (18:09) running close. Hudimac passed Zuchengo right were I was standing at the 2-mile mark. The race was pretty tight the whole time between the two of them all the way to the end were just three second separated them.

The day's fastest female was Kathy Stephens-Bogard (20:48) followed by Shari Voltz (21:21). In the race for third, Laura Patrone (21:51) finished just ahead of Susan Morakis (21:53).

This was a great day, and a great event, with everyone having fun while supporting the YMCA and Coats for Kids. It was a well laid out course and everyone had a smile on his or her face even though the cold air was turning cheeks rosy-red. The cold also made it very prevalent that Coats for Kids is very important cause.