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Saturday, April 24, 2004 -- Elkins, WV
2004 YMCA Ramp Race - (D&E Series #1) (iPO Event Id#: 6253)
Story and photos by Heather Bury

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Ramp Race
Nice spring day to race
The 2004 YMCA Ramp Race was the first of seven races in the Century Medallion Race Series. Davis and Elkins College is celebrating its 100th birthday and the Century Medallion will help commemorate D&E's 100th year of service in the community and encourage physical fitness by rewarding individuals who participate in local running and walking events.

Any West Virginian knows that spring marks the beginning of festival season. Until late fall there will be plenty of festivals going on throughout the state, and the Ramp Festival in Elkins, WV is one of the first for the year.

Ramp Race
Racing on the streets of Elkins
If you aren't a native of West Virginia, you may be wondering "What is a Ramp?" Ramps (Allium tricoccum), are a native edible plant which grows wild throughout the Appalachian Mountains. Known by West Virginians as ramps, they are closely related to the garlic family and often referred to as Wild Leeks.

This popular pungent wild vegetable will soon begin to make its springtime appearance in the rich soils of shady woods. Being the first edible wild greens that appeared following winter, early settlers welcomed ramps as a spring tonic following months of dried or salted foods. This culinary heritage has been passed from generation to generation.

Ramp Race
Cruising to the Ramp Fest
At the Ramp Race runners and walkers worked up an appetite by competing in the 5K and 2 mile distance trek through downtown Elkins, WV. The first to turn the corner for the long sprint towards the finish was Adam Casseday. Adam was unchallenged running a 17:02 with John Riffle in the hunt with a 17:17. Jim Severino rounded the corner in third with a time of 18:16.

For the women, it was Delores Bonnell with an impressive 22:42 over second place Jane Rodrique (23:24), and third place Erin Lash (23:43).

Afterwards, the racers enjoyed snacks and beverages in the local YMCA. They received their awards and headed over to the Ramp Festival for some tasty, ramp buffalo wings.