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Sunday, May 14, 2006 -- Tomlinson Run State Park, WV
Hancock 100 - WVMBA # 4 (iPO Event Id#: 7323)

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Story and photos by JR Petsko

Photo by JR Petsko
Teamwork at Tomlinson Run
The Hancock 100, formerly the Tour De Tomlinson, featured an experts race for 100 minutes, sport class race for 75 minutes, and beginners for 60 minutes. Bikers raced in the morning hours, and then enjoyed Mother's Day with mom.

Over 113 racers showed, and luckily, the rain held off until the awards ceremony. By then, the sky had opened up dumping buckets of rain and crazy lightning. Thanks to a race against the clock format, the event was intense. Lap after lap they rode, flaying to the finish.

Tomlinson Run State Park is located at the top of the northern West Virginia panhandle. The park's 1,398 acres extends along a stream from which it gets its name. There's plenty to do there, and most folks know that Mountaineer Park Game Resort is not far away, providing some "other" racing excitement.

Photo by JR Petsko
Watch for snakes on the trail
During the race, everyone was talking about the big snake that was on the course. A few guys said it was a black snake as fat as a man's forearm. Others said it was a rattlesnake. One biker even said that it tried to bite him. Still, a few riders said that it was only a tube, left on the trail from someone who changes a flat. With all the chatting and storytelling hanging in the air as thick as West Virginia mid-summer humidity, this reporter decided to check it out for himself.

The only thing I found was a tire tube wrapped around a tree stump, looking suspiciously like a plump, black snake. Check out the race photos for a view of this monster.

Editor's Note: I would imagine that this is how the legends of Bigfoot, the Yeti, even the Loch Ness monster became famous. Now Tomlinson Run has it's own monster to deal with...