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Sunday, June 4, 2006 -- Davis, WV
Revenge of the Rattlesnake - WVMBA Sanctioned
(iPO Event Id#: 7324)

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Top Ten Reasons
Why Everyone Was Smiling After The 2006 Revenge of the Rattlesnake

(also known as Roger's Revenge) ... By Matt Marcus...

Blackwater MTB Photo by Julie Black

  • 10. You were done- you may feel like you just got out of the pen, butt sore and hard to walk, but you'll be fine tomorrow.

  • 9. Everyone was finished in under five hours- before the awards ceremony.

  • 8. It didn't rain hard until AFTER everyone was finished.

  • 7. Everyone was given free new DRY socks at registration.

  • 6. Roger was trying to pronounce your last name at the awards ceremony.

  • 5. You were looking at the cool race photos (by VIC) that are now posted at (Awesome NEW website!)

  • 4. Mountainside Trail was taken out of the course due to extra heinous conditions, meaning it was ONLY a 50k (well 55k but who's counting) instead of a 65K.

  • 3. You were eating a free post race dinner of great pizza and salad from Sirianni's Cafe'.

  • 2. You were drinking a free fresh beer from the Mountain State Brewing Company in Thomas, WV (

  • 1. You are now truly hardcore.

Blackwater Bikes would like to thank the Canaan Valley Search and Rescue Team, the Canaan Valley Volunteer Fire Department, and the Mountain State Brewing Company for their generous support of the 2006 edition of the Revenge of the Rattlesnake.