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Saturday, August 5, 2006 - Sunday, August 6, 2006 -- Lavalette, WV 4th Tri-State Triathlon (iPO Event Id#: 7359)

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Story and photos by Eric Anderson

Photo by Eric Anderson
The kids get to strut their stuff believes that exercising is one of the most important aspects of living healthy. One way that they encourage that is by hosting the Tri-State Triathlon. It's meant for everyone, including kids... oh, and adults of course.

This past weekend had perfect weather for the fourth annual Tri-state triathlon which was held at Beach Fork State Park in Lavalette, West Virginia. The water was around 80 degrees and there was not a cloud in the sky for both the children's races on Saturday, and the Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons on Sunday. Over 250 men, women, and children participated in the triathlon challenge. The Olympic distance race consists of a 1500 meter swim in the lake, 40 kilometer bike ride, and a10 kilometer run. The sprint distance consists of a half mile swim; 40 kilometer bike ride and 5 kilometer run which is very hilly and challenging.

Photo by Eric Anderson
Warming up in the water
In the sprint distance race, Jon Boggs lead the way with a very impressive time of 1 hour, and 43 minutes, and 2 seconds. Second place went to Brit Arthur with a time of 1:50:36. Chris Porter who has won the triathlon in the past finished with a time of 1:51:16.

The top female winner in the sprint distance went to Gena Baden, with a blistering time of 1:56:44. Danielle Wiblen-Snyder finished right behind the first place finisher with a time of 2:03:57. And a well known hometown triathlete Kate Harlow finished third with an impressive time of 2:06:31.

Photo by Eric Anderson
It was a family affair
The Olympic race was just as impressive. Hometown sensation Robert Smith took the win with a time of 2:16:06. Brandon Merrit who is use to being in the top of the field in triathlons all over the mountain state concluded with a strong finish with a time of 2:19:09. John Starkweather rounded out the impressive top leaders with a great effort of 2:20:44.

The top overall female winner was Sandy Offutt with a blazing time of 2:53:35. Cindy Newman was closing in on the leader and finished less than a minute behind with the time of 2:54:27. Tammy Tribett rounded out the top three finishers with a blistering time of 2:59:16.

This years Tri-state Triathlon could not have been such a huge success if it was not with the hard work from the race director, volunteers, and the participant's hard training. Family and friends came out in large numbers to support their competitor and I look forward in being at next year's great event.