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Sunday, September 10, 2006 -- Davis, WV
WV State Mountain Bike Championships - WVMBA #11 (iPO Event Id#: 7756) --- [2005 coverage]

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Photos by Ludovic with story by Matt Marcus

Do you remember the original race course for the 24 Hours of Canaan? You know the "Moon Rocks" loop outside of Davis, West Virginia that is strewn with a generous amount of rocks and roots and a bit of road? Anyways, there was a local team in that event called HCA, better known as Home Course Advantage.

Blackwater Bikes brought back the old course and the old school tough riding. Half a lap for beginners, 1+1/2 laps for sport riders and 2+1/2 laps for experts. It is a fitting course for a Championship race, testing both riders and their equipment with expert finishing times well over two hours for even the super fast pro riders that graced us with their presence.

Oh yeah...about the home course advantage. Out of the sixteen WV State Champion jerseys that were handed out after the event, three were residents of Davis (Men's and Women's Pro/Expert and Expert Master) and two were residents of Thomas (Men's and Women's Beginner). As a matter of fact, West Virginians won fourteen out of the sixteen classes with the hardcore quick Spreng's from PA being the spoilers in the Jr. 14+under and Sport Vet classes.

Is it really a home course advantage or is it that riding in West Virginia makes you fast? You make the call.

In addition to the local talent riding in the race, the locals provided much needed volunteer help for the race and on trail maintenance on the course and some rowdy spectating to boot. It was all followed up by a great burrito dinner from Flying Pigs and some Seneca Indian Pale Ale from Mountain State Brewing Company in Thomas. Thanks go out to all that were there. It was a great group of people assembled on an awesome day. Be sure not to miss it next year!