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Saturday, October 28, 2006 -- Kanawha State Forest, Charleston, WV
Great Pumpkin Race 14th Annual 5K Run and 3 and 1 Mile Walks sponsored by CAMC Physical Therapy Departments
In observance of National Physical Therapy Month, Moving You to Better Health
Proceeds benefitted the Physical Therapy Scholarship Fund!

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Male Champions
1David McCallum115:24
2George Aulenbacher218:05
3Duane Dombeck318:16
Male 19 & Under
1Ricky Campbell719:53
2Garrett Warner1020:03
3Chris Hunter1722:12
Male 20-24
1Andrew Boggs2924:18
2Jimmy Jamie5027:34
Male 25-29
1Michael Dodd4526:36
2David Gustafson4826:56
Male 30-34
1Scott Mc Neely619:44
2JD Simpson1220:37
3Charles Dale1321:05
Male 35-39
1Shawn Colbert3425:29
2Scott Wooten4226:21
3Richard Starkey4927:18
Male 40-44
1Dan Cosgrove2623:58
2Russell Miller3024:19
3Glen Savage4626:38
Male 45-49
1Robert Thaw1521:51
2Craig Atkins1922:56
3Don Skaff5427:52
Male 50-54
1Dennis Eye419:27
2Bruce Blakenship1421:23
3David White2223:16
Male 55-59
1Ed Haver519:40
2Harry Bruner1020:05
3Jerry Gladwell1822:20
Male 60 and over
1Andrew Curry1621:55
2Robert Fretwell7432:16
3Rodger Armstrong8735:26
Female Champions
1Laura Edwards819:54
2Monica Arnold919:59
3Meagan Schuerger1120:21
Female 19 and under
1Kelly Plumley2123:03
2Sarah Hamilton2724:00
3Mikayla O'Meara3725:46
Female 20-24
PlaceTime1Mary Tignor
Female 25-29
1Melissa Brown6729:53
2Holly Sizemore6830:14
3Jennifer Ginsberg9740:06
Female 30-34
1Michelle Murray2022:59
2Dana Francesconi2824:02
3Nicky Hunter4126:15
Female 35-39
1Heidi Talmage3625:44
2Caroline Coleman6429:10
3Jilanna Swann7231:44
Female 40-44
1Tina Bailes4126:15
2Kathy Rushmore5127:35
3Cindy Shamblin6228:45
Female 45-49
1Danita Nellhaus6128:41
Female 50-54
1Patty Dunbar4326:27
2Sharon Salisbury6629:37
3April Lane7932:55
Female 55-59
1Diana Morris3124:23
2Victoria Kitts7031:10
Youngest Walker
1Jacob Embrey--
Oldest Walker
1Dorsel Cross--
Best Costume 12 and under
1Chase Adams--
Best Costume Over 12
1The Cross Family--
Family with the Most Participants
1The Wooten Family--
First CAMC Employee Female
1Monica Arnold--
First CAMC Employee Male
1Ed Haver--

TITLE: Great Pumpkin Race
EVENTS: 5K, 1 Mile, 3 Mile
WHEN: Sat, 28, Oct 2006
WHERE: Charleston, WV
CONTACT: Debora Mattingly (304) 388-6322 E-mail