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Sunday, July 25, 2010 -- Beaver, WV
Little Beaver Chainring Challenge - WVMBA #9 (iPO Event Id#: 12491)

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Hot Ride at Little Beaver

Story and photos by Daniel Todd

Little Beaver State Park was hot and humid on Sunday, but the 79 riders of the Chainring Challenge were given some relief on the shaded 7 mile loop.

Little Beaver, WVMBA
See the Little Beaver gallery. Photo by Daniel Todd.
The uphill start helped spread out the field as the expert riders sprinted to the the single track. Robert Marion led the experts on all three loops. Followed closely by Jeremy Rowand who is now in 2nd place in the West Virginia Mountain Bike Association (WVMBAM) XC points series through nine events.

The race was progressing smoothly through the first loop with only a couple scrapes when sport rider, Scott Riggs dropped his front tire too low on a log jump to take a dramatic header. Luckily he and his ride were still in working order and finished both loops.

The sport class was led to the finish by Jeff Peele with a 1.38.48 followed closely by Bobby Thorton at 1.38.52.

The women's sport class was comprised of Alena Klimas who made her two circuits in 2.36.52. The men's sport masters maybe old but they aren't slow with William Baisden and David McCormick posting times of 1.47.45 and 1.48.14, respectively.

Little Beaver, WVMBA
See the Little Beaver gallery.
Mandi Riddle Photo by Daniel Todd.
The single loop beginners took caution on many of the obstacles saving those tricks for another day.

Joshua Teets finished the 7 mile loop in under an hour with a 54.92. Fayetteville, WV outdoor athlete, Jessica Toth, picked her way around the course with a 1.13.53.

Marion was the first expert across the line with a 2.05.45. Even though Rowand could see Marion at times during the final two miles as the course almost crosses itself he was unable to take the lead with a 2.11.27.

Point series leaders Cassie Smith and Mandi Riddle finished one two with times of 2.30.07 and 2.47.50.

Gary Morefield of Slip and Slide Sports hard trail work and pride in his race was evident on Sunday. Racers were all smiles as they finished and tucked in to some great grub.

WVMBA supports the efforts of The International Mountain Biking Association and encouragages all riders to adhere to the rules of the trail. For more information on WVMBA points standings visit

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