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Sunday, October 3, 2010 -- Elkins, WV / Elkins YMCA
Mountain State Forest Festival 10K Run & 5K Walk (iPO Event Id#: 12985)

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1Justin Simpson1st Overall Male20-2933:00
2Tommy Boone2nd Overall Male19 and under36:11
3Marlon Henry3rd Overall Male20-2937:39
4Clara Grandt1st Overall Female20-2939:23
5Scott Nesland1st19 and under40:03
6Greg Bonner2nd19 and under40:27
7C. Davenport1st20-2941:20
8Joe Groves2nd20-2941:43
9Todd Schoonover1st Masters40-4943:10
10Rob Chenoweth3rd20-2943:23
11Jeff Owens-20-2943:40
12Chris Phillips1st30-3944:50
13Rebecca Schoonover1st Masters40-4945:52
14Kent Moss-50-5946:44
15John Bright1st40-4946:45
16Chris Fry2nd40-4946:59
17Sean Sullivan2nd30-3947:42
18Blanka Skaggs2nd Overall Female30-3947:44
19Marie Friend3rd Overall Female19 and under47:44
20Joe Roidt3rd40-4947:52
21Kent Rodahaver-40-4948:10
22Blauke Hall1st19 and under49:00
23Brian Romero3rd30-3949:20
24Branson Collins3rd19 and under49:30
25Keith Hopwood-40-4949:56
26Elliot Roth-20-2950:07
27Alex Kerns-20-2950:10
28Anthony Markley-40-4950:15
29Ward Shumaker1st50-5950:23
30Roger Carpenter2nd50-5950:35
31Todd Wamsley-40-4950:50
32Jim Baily1st60-6951:50
33Casey Thorpe2nd19 and under51:55
34Kathy Shumaker1st40-4952:19
35Bob Hammer-40-4952:35
36Stuart Bracken-20-2953:48
37Lee Groves-20-2953:52
38Frank Mams3rd50-5954:53
39Jim Fregonara-50-5955:31
40Scott Wentz-19 and under55:44
41Mark Epperson-40-4956:42
42Leslie Moats1st30-3956:46
43Steve Mattingly-40-4957:20
44Alan Cashell2nd60-6957:38
45Joel Grey-19 and under58:00
46Don Jacko-50-5958:25
47Dale Jackson-19 and under59:31
48Lemell Mayo-20-2960:32
49Megan Snyder1st20-2960:42
50Mary Boyd1st50-5962:03
51Joe Hughes-50-5962:15
52Wendy Bodkins2nd40-4964:55
53Cindy Burgess2nd30-3964:56
54Terry Evans3rd40-4965:10
55Jennifer Whiteis-40-4965:24
56Michael Stennes-40-4965:30
57Pete Whiteis-50-5965:31
58Don Teter-50-5966:58
59Kate Barger3rd30-3967:40
60Mandy Cosner-40-4967:23
61Josh Harris-20-2967:24
62Angela Volpe3rd19 and under68:10
63Daniel Hamrick-19 and under68:16
64Amy Fazio-30-3968:37
65James Volpe-40-4968:42
66Dena Helmick2nd20-2969:19
67Lauren Wamsley3rd20-2969:20
68Kieth Fisher-40-4969:26
69Joseph Strawder-19 and under75:09
70Matthew Taylor-20-2983:24
71Cheryl Jacko2nd50-5983:38