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Saturday, June 15, 2013 -- Clarksburg, WV / Downtown Clarksburg
Cecil Jarvis Greater Clarksburg 10K (iPO Event Id#: 14705)

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Fast Times in Clarksburg

Story and Photos by Maria af Rolen.

Cecil Jarvis Greater Clarksburg 10K photo
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The air was filled with excitement in downtown Clarksburg on the morning of Saturday, June 15 as nearly four hundred runners from near and far had come to compete in the 17th annual Cecil Jarvis Greater Clarksburg 10K.

Behind the starting line, eager runners were packed together like sardines in a tin can - some smiling and cracking jokes, others casting devious stares at their opponents - all waiting for the loud bang of the pistol to mark the start of the race.

First to cross the finish line was lightning fast Alene Reta of Ethiopia, with a time of 29:05. Bystanders reported that all photo attempts of Reta failed, in the midst of the motion blur one could barely distinguish the bright blue socks he was wearing. Second to finish was Kiprono Kurgat (29:15) of Kenya, closely followed by Shadrack Kiyai (29:46) of Hebron, KY.

Proudly representing Canada, Kate Harrison who is working toward her M.S. in Exercise Physiology at West Virginia University, managed to outrun the notorious Kenyans and place first in the overall women's division with a time of 34:56. Joan Tangwar of Kenya finished second only 3 seconds after Harrison, leaving third place open for Clara Santucci (35:10) of Morgantown, WV.

Among this year's pack of runners was also 11-year-old Emilee Ellison of Parkersburg, WV. Ellison was sporting a blue headband with the words, "In my dreams I am a Kenyan." This was Ellison's fourth 10K, but her first time running the Greater Clarksburg 10K. She finished the race in a mere 54:53 - beating a whopping 198 runners. Anyone paying attention would agree that this girl is headed for greatness. 

Immediately following the main race was a two-mile run and the Kids K where children were cheered on by a very enthusiastic Ronald McDonald.