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2012 Run to Read Triple Crown
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See the Series Details for an explanation of the Point Scoring System.
MEN - Overall

PlaceName(Age Last Race)HM15K5KTotal
1Hamric, Ron(55)77.278.674.7230.5
2Banks, Jim(66)78.071.567.0216.5
3Pirie, Christopher(23)71.772.668.3212.6
4Menzies, Brian(37)68.269.665.9203.8
5Burdick, Bill(55)66.768.866.1201.6
6Work, James(43)65.366.263.3194.8
7Pevahouse, Jeremy(26)63.766.861.9192.4
8Wang, Xiaoqiang(36)62.859.958.1180.7
9Owens, Jeff(25)58.763.656.7179.1
10Roth, Elliot(26)50.054.853.7158.5
11Huffman, David(44)43.747.038.8129.5