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2013 Run to Read Triple Crown
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See the Series Details for an explanation of the Point Scoring System.
MEN - Overall

PlaceName(Age Last Race)HM10K5KTotal
1Banks, Jim(67)76.971.767.9216.5
2Pirie, Christopher(24)74.570.267.8212.5
3Cann, James(60)
4Herron, Joey(55)67.169.366.1202.5
5Yost, Jeff(56)65.367.366.2198.7
6Shuttlesworth, Jason(39)61.361.159.6181.9
7Cottrill, Jason(34)52.262.657.9172.6
8Haney, Rick(56)
9Fulks, Paul(47)55.559.945.8161.2
10Cottrill, Brent(36)48.548.041.2137.6