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Saturday, August 3, 2002 -- Benwood, WV
Debbie Green Memorial 5K Run & Walk (iPO Event Id#: 4757)
Story by Heather Bury with photos by Don Parks

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Race Pic
A salute to the hot summer evening
It was a real scorcher out on the streets of Benwood for the annual Debbie Green Memorial 5K Run & Walk. But that certainly didn't stop, (or slow, it seems, for some) the crowds from coming out in huge numbers to support a very worthy cause.

After a short salute to those lost on 9/11, and the retirement of race number 911, the race was off and running. With a new course this year, runners had their work cut out for them in the first 200 meters. Roughly 50 meters into the race is a sharp right hand turn, then 30 meters after that another sharp right hand turn sends you down through the streets of Benwood.

The race was out fast with last year's winner Ricky Moore in the lead along with recent Marshall graduate Casey Batey and Alderson-Broadus runner Ben Bolock. After a mile Batey let Moore and Bolock go, but it wouldn't be the last they heard of him.

Race Pic
At a race for kids, the kids get to race
With Bolock and Moore battling it out up front, Batey ran his own race and slowly made up the ground that he had lost. Coming into the last 800 meters of the race, Batey passed Moore and made a run at Bolock, but it was too late. Bolock won the race in 15:45 with Batey second in 15:55.

In a sprint for the finish with Matthew Abel, Moore hung on for third with a time of 16:07, the first time ever the local Wheeling runner was not crowned the winner. But he still holds the course record, that he set in 2000, with a time of 15:32.

The women's race was decided right from the start. Morgantown's Heather Bury figured she needed to get out hard to avoid being trampled in the suicide start. With a 5:30 first mile she was well ahead of her competition and would wind up winning in a time of 17:45. This was nearly 20 seconds faster than her last year's time and set a new course record.

Race Pic
Ben Bolock takes the win
The real race was for second place, with Erin Frye of Ohio and Jesi Christiansen of Pennsylvania battling it out. Frye would ultimately take second with a time of 18:52 with Christiansen third in 18:59.

The walkers also came out in huge numbers and it was not surprise to see Steve Bence take the win at 27:11. Jamie Brooks took 6th overall, our of almost 400 walkers, and the first women's title at 30:39.

The post-race party went well into the evening with an abundance of refreshments, food, awards, and random prizes. Once again the hard work of Ron Green and his huge contingent of volunteers, paid off. A huge donation will once again be possible to help the families of 5-year old Kody Bradley and 2-year old Scotty Owens, both battling Leukemia.