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Sunday, April 17, 2005 -- Hopwood, PA
Mount Summit Challenge (iPO Event Id#: 6713)
Photos by Jason Chastain with story by Julie Black

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Great day to race up a mountain in Pennsylvania
Local legend tells a tale of two accomplished runners, Brent Hawkins and Don Norman, who were knocking back a few at a local pub in Hopwood, PA, The Brass Rail. It seems that they began to converse with a few area football players who soon began to debate who was the better athlete of the bunch. Hawkins and Norman began to boast that they could run right from the bar to the top of Mount Summit. And so it began 22 years ago, the Mount Summit Challenge, but today the official race starts at the Hopwood Volunteer Fire Department.

So now that you know the story of where the race originated, many people now ask, why? Why do hundreds of people walk, jog, or run up to the top of the summit every year? Are they thrill-seekers, new-age adrenaline junkies, or just bored? The reason is simple. It's tradition.

Smiling to the summit top
It certainly helps to be in good cardiovascular health, but not everyone who climbs to the hilltop is a runner. There are many walkers, from race-walkers to Sunday strollers. So you don't have to be a professional ultra-mountain runner to scale this scenic course. It's also on a paved road, with traffic control. Although the elevation is nothing to balk at, the 3.1-mile race is enjoyable for most everyone and it's not unusual to see a few Moms and Dads pushing strollers.