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Saturday, May 7, 2005 -- Huntington, WV
Credit Unions for the Long Run (iPO Event Id#: 6954)
Story and photos by Ariana Kincaid

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Photo by Ariana Kinkaid
Starting the run in the sun
Saturday, May 7, 2005, dawned a little chilly, but bit by bit, the morning warmed, seeming the perfect weather for a run . . . until that moment about halfway through the ten miler portion of the Credit Unions for the Long Run at Ritter Park in Huntington, to benefit Make-a-Wish Foundations of Southern West Virginia. All at once, a chill breeze began to blow, and a noticeable drop in temperature was felt.

Fortunately, before that point, the 5K portion of the event was complete. Youngsters (relatively speaking) dominated the event, starting with Ryan Sloan, 21, who came roaring into the chute in first place with a time of 16:09.

Photo by Ariana Kinkaid
Enjoying the race day
Following Sloan's heels was Jacob Porter, 26, with a time of 16:20. Less than a minute behind was Andrew Ramell, the youngest of the top three at 19, finishing in 17:04.

On the women's side, age was less of a factor. Coming in tenth place overall, Ingrid Burnette, 32, was the first-finishing female with a time of 23:04. Second-place female Fabiola Gonzales, 21, finished fifteenth overall, with a time of 24:35. And at 51, Vicky Picavance, with 25:33, finished third for the females, 17th overall.

Photo by Ariana Kinkaid
Thanks to all who came
The ten-miler was likewise dominated by youth. Jason Pyles, 22, finished with a time of 52:54; Travis Epling, 24, finished with a time of 57:09; and the youngster in third place, John Davis, 20, finished with a time of 57:25. And again, on the women's side, youth was less of a factor. Kelly McGraw, 33, surprised no one by finished first for the women and twelfth overall with a time of 1:08:55. Beth Robarts, 40, finished 25th overall with a time of 1:15:51. And 27th overall was Melilda Cochran, 28, with a time of 1:17:19.

Special thanks to Jennifer Stapleton for organizing a fine race, Tom Plummer for the officiating, Huntington Chapter of the West Virginia Credit Union League, Huntington Road Runners Club, Your Local Credit Union, Greater Huntington Area Parks and Recreation; the police and paramedics along the route, and to the Southern West Virginia Make-a-Wish Foundation for providing the cause for which everyone ran.