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Sunday, April 30, 2006 -- Big Bear Lake - Bruceton Mills, WV
Big Bear Lake Bike Classic - WVMBA #2 (iPO Event Id#: 7321)

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Photos by Amber Riley and Heather Parks

Pretty in Pink
Score one for the fashion division
A fine day of racing was in store for the almost two hundred riders that turned our for this year's Big Bear Lake Classic. Mark Schooley and crew put together a stellar course with mile after mile of sweet singletrack. Whether you were going the 20+ mile expert distance, the 14+ for sport riders, or just the eight or so miles as a beginner (and hey, let's not forget the kids race) it is hard to find better racing than this.

The weather was cool and breezy with plenty of sun when the starting signal was given. Three waves of riders headed down the road for the one mile of pavement that led up to the singletrack. The idea is to get the riders spread out but with no serious climbs large packs of riders end up fighting for the hole shot into the woods.

Race Start
The Experts roll toward the singletrack
As the experts approached the end of the road it was Gunnar Shogren who launched the attack that earned him the lead as they entered the trails. But Shorgren's day wouldn't continue so well as he would eventually arrive at the finish riding his front rim and having to take a DNF.

First out of the woods and across the finish was West Virginia University's Andrew Wiedrich with a time of 1:31:02. Another 30 seconds back was Specialized/Pittsburgh Pro Bikes' Eric Kriberney (1:31:32) who has now finished second in the season's first two races. This gives him a nice lead early on in the WVMBA Point Series standings.

Jonathan Martin
Custom Contracting's Jonathan Martin takes the high road
Racing for third in the Men's Expert class were Dirty Harry's/Gary Fisher teammates TJ Platt (1:33:28) and Jason Cyr (1:34:29). But looking at the finish times it appears their other teammate Gerry Pflug should get the third overall honors with his Vet Expert class winning time of 1:32:15.

On the Women's Expert side it was another one-two finish with Gerolsteiner/Specialized's Cassie Smith (1:51:56) finishing just seconds ahead of Custom Contracting's Betsy Shogren (1:52:00). And yes, that is "Shogren" as in Gunnar got married. Speaking of marriages, Dirty Harry's/Gary Fisher's Abby Platt (1:57:40) matched her husbands third place finish with one of her own.

Race Pic
Just having fun at Big Bear
Other winners in the expert field included Roland Sink (1:51:52) for the Junior, Scott Root (1:42:32) for the Masters, and Travis Saeler (1:37:18) in the Single Speed division.

Ten more classes in the Sport and Beginner categories awarded their top finishers with prizes and just about everyone took home a smile from a fun ride at Big Bear Lake.

This coming Sunday the racing just moves two exists east on I68 for the always challenging Henry Clay 30K at Coopers Rock. If you thought there were a lot of rocky trails at Big Bear you better get ready for a whole lot more!