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Sunday, April 22, 2007 -- Big Bear Lake - Bruceton Mills, WV
Big Bear Lake Bike Classic - WVMBA #2 (iPO Event Id#: 10034) [ Become a 2007 WVMBA member ]

Best six scores + Championship= final score.
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Photo by Amber Riley
Jonathan Martin
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The course starts on a one-mile stretch of pavement, which spreads the field before jumping into tight winding single track. Nearly all of the 21 miles of racing is in single/double track. This extremely fast and technical course is full of large embedded rocks, which provide wide grin racing for all skill levels. All expert racers will do a 21 mile loop. Sport racers will do a 16 mile loop. Beginner racers will do a shortened 7-mile loop. Two water stations are provided along the course.

The kid's race will be held at 10:00 Sunday morning just before the adult race. Young racers will be treated to a true "in the woods" kids course. All kid racers will receive medals and a hand dipped ice cream cone from the Big Bear County Store. Having the kid's race on Sunday provides a unique opportunity for the entire family to participate in a mountain bike event. Classes are ages 6 through 12, both girls and boys.

Times are: Registration opens at 9:00 am Kids race at 10:00 am Start Time: Sport and Beginner 11:30 am & Expert 12:00 noon

Classes: All WVMBA point classes, Beginner Under 30, and 30+

Fees: Kids Race $5.00, Main Event WVMBA members $30.00, non-members $35.00

Directions: Off I-68 exit # 29 Hazelton, WV, follows signs 3 miles south to Big Bear Lake.

Camping on site: Primitive $5.00 per person, RV and Tent sites $10.00 per person.

Motel: Maple Leaf Motel, Bruceton Mills, WV, 304-379-4075

For more Race Information: E-mail Heather Parks or call her at 304-379-1211

For more about Big Bear Lake: Go to

TITLE: Big Bear Lake Bike Classic - WVMBA #2
WHEN: Sun, 22 Apr, 2007
WHERE: Bruceton Mills (Big Bear Lake), WV