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Sunday, September 11, 2011 -- Bruceton Mills, WV / Big Bear Lake Campland
XTERRA Big Bear Lake Triathlon / Duathlon - MASS Event #5 (iPO Event Id#: 13334)

Morgantown Adventure Sport Series (MASS) is presented by WVU College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences sponsored by Big Bear Lake Camplands.

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This triathlon is open to participants age 15 and older. All participants will be required to sign the appropriate race waiver at race check-in. Participants under the age of 18 will also be required to have their parent or legal guardian sign that they are granting permission for the minor to enter the event.

This event will be sanctioned by USA Triathlon. ALL racers must be current USA Triathlon annual members or purchase a one-day USAT license for $10. One-day license fee is not included in registration fees and can be purchased at check-in. Learn more about sanctioning and membership at:

Please read RULES below contact info.

Note that there is NO Rain Date. We will race rain or shine. Entry fees are non-refundable for any reason.


  • 5:00 - 7:30 pm - register on Saturday, September 10th at race site

  • 8:30 am - race START time on Sunday, September 11

Entry Fee

  • $50 duathlon / $60 triathlon - Early (Until 8/19)
  • $60 duathlon / $70 triathlon - Late (After 8/19)

    Relays (Teams of 2 and 3 people)

  • $80 duathlon / $90 triathlon - Early (Until 8/19)
  • $90 duathlon / $100 triathlon - Late (After 8/19)

    All pre-registrants are guaranteed a custom event tech-shirt! Late registrants will receive shirts as long as supplies allow. Delicious post-event food and beverages will be provided.


Awards will be presented to the top three male/female participants from the following categories/age groups: Overall, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65+, Relay teams

Course Description - Triathlon

    MASS START . . .

    This event is planned to begin with a mass start from a grass beach area on the shore of Big Bear Lake. Should the event receive more entries than are currently expected, the race director may change the start to begin in waves.

    SWIM . . .

    At the race start competitors will enter the water and complete a triangular-shaped course by swimming counterclockwise around the brightly colored swim buoys. The distance of the swim is 0.75 miles. The anticipated water temperature is in the upper 60's to low 70's F. Should the water temperature be 78 degrees F or lower on race morning, per USAT rules, wetsuits will be allowed.

    BIKE . . .

    After exiting the swim course via a sandy bottomed beach, competitors will enter the transition area which is located ~50 feet from the swim exit and prepare for the mountain bike leg of the course. Competitors must walk/run their bikes outside of the transition area and may not mount them until they have crossed the "mount line." The mountain bike leg of the race will consist of rugged single and dual track trails through the forest. The course is moderately technical with fast rolling sections of packed dirt and various rocky stretches.

    RUN . . .

    Upon completion of the mountain bike course, racers must dismount their bikes before the "dismount line" and walk/run their bikes back into the transition area. Once the racers have transitioned for the run leg of the course they will cover approximately 6.5 miles of beautiful and mostly single track trail. Along the technical run course, racers will encounter one stream crossing and various technical challenges.

    FINISH . . .

    The finish line will be located near the transition area.

Course Description - Duathlon

The duathlon race course will begin with a 2-mile long trail run in place of the .75 mile swim completed for the triathlon. The mountain bike and final trail run courses will be the same as those described above for the triathlon.


Follow signs to race day registration and racer check-in located near the front entrance to Big Bear Lake.The start/finish/transition areas will be located near the south end of the Big Bear Lake dam.

Big Bear Lake Camplands
450 Big Bear Lake Road
Bruceton Mills, WV 26525 . . . [ Google Map to Big Bear lake ]



To get to Big Bear Lake take I-68 to the Hazelton Exit (WV exit 29) and go south (left if you are coming on I-68 West, right if you are coming on I-68 East). Follow this road 3 miles to the guard shack at Big Bear Lake.

Special Thanks to the 2011 MASS Sponsors

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Start Date: 2011-09-11     Start Time: 8:30am
Event Name: XTERRA Big Bear Lake Triathlon / Duathlon - MASS Event #5
Location(s): Bruceton Mills, WV 26525
Big Bear Lake Campland
Event Type(s): Run
  Off Road
Event Distance(s):
Contact(s): Morgantown Adventure Sports Series (MASS)
   Phone: 304-293-0851
Comments: Morgantown Adventure Sports Series (MASS)
Offsite URL:

Event Rules (subject to change)


    * As a USA Triathlon sanctioned event, all USAT rules will 
be in effect. Please visit the USAT website for more information 
    * All racers must be registered for the event and must have 
signed the appropriate event waiver before the start.
    * Please be respectful and courteous to other trail users, 
racers, and volunteers.
    * Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and is room 
for immediate disqualification.
    * Appeals and protest must be submitted to the race director 
no later than 15 minutes following the last finisher.
    * It is the participantís responsibility to know the course 
and follow the course markings. Cutting the course is grounds 
for disqualification.
    * Trash and equipment may not be dropped or left on the course. 
Trash bins will be located at the transition area and aid stations.
    * Racers may be assigned start groups at race day check-in and 
must start with their group. Failure to do so will result in a time 
penalty or DQ.
    * Headphones or other devices that will limit your ability to 
utilize all of your senses to the fullest are not allowed during 
this event.
    * Outside assistance or support from non-racers is not allowed. 
This is an individual event, but sportsmanship between competitors 
is encouraged.
    * If a competitor withdraws from the event at any time, they 
must notify the race organizers at the transition area. It is 
very important that we keep track of all competitors to avoid 
unnecessary search and rescue procedures.
    * Aid stations with GU Energy Gel, Gatorade, and water will 
be located in the transition area and a couple of other locations 
on the bike and run courses. Competitors must be self sufficient 
during the majority of the bike and run sections of the event.
    * A mandatory pre-race meeting will be held near the transition 
area at 8:00am on race day. At this meeting, participants will 
receive any last minute information and instructions for the event.


    * The swim course will consist of a 0.75 mile rectangle in 
the open water of beautiful Big Bear Lake. After starting from 
a beach area competitors will swim counterclockwise around the 
course buoys before exiting to the transition area to begin the 
bike leg of the course.
    * The SWIM CUTOFF time is 1 hour from the start of the race. 
Competitors still in the water at this time will be removed from 
the water and will not be allowed to continue with the event.
    * Each competitor must wear the colored swim cap provided by 
the race organization for the duration of the swim.
    * Any swimmer wearing any artificial propulsion device, including 
but not limited to fins, gloves, paddles, or floating devices of 
any kind shall be disqualified.
    * The anticipated water temperature is in the low 70ís F. If the 
water temperature on race morning is 78 degrees F or lower, wetsuits 
will be allowed per USAT regulations.
    * The race course will be marked with brightly colored buoys. 
Competitors should keep the buoys on their left as they swim the course.
    * Support/safety boats and lifeguards will be present during 
the swim. Should a participant need assistance they should wave 
their arms in the air and shout to get the attention of a safety boat.
    * Participants are allowed to grab hold of a stationary objects 
or safety boats to rest if needed. Resting participants will be allowed 
to continue with the race as long as they do not make forward progress 
on the swim course.

Mountain Bike

    * The bike course will consist of an approximately 14 mile long 
loop on single and dual track unpaved trails.
    * The BIKE CUTOFF time is 3.5 hours from the start of the race. 
Competitors finishing the bike leg after this time will not be allowed 
to continue with the event.
    * Rmust stay on the marked course. Cutting the course will result 
in disqualification. Course signage and volunteers will direct racers 
but the ultimate responsibility to stay on course rests on the participant.
    * Racers are REQUIRED to wear a certified bicycle helmet during 
the cycling leg of the event. A competitor will be considered to be 
"on their bike" if they are seated on or straddling it. 
Penalty = Disqualification. Helmet inspections may be required at check-in.
    * USAT drafting rules will not apply to this race due to the 
off-road exclusion allowed.
    * Racers should ride single file and as far to the right side 
of the trail as practical to avoid blocking other competitors.
    * Racers should only pass on the left when it is safe to do so 
and should complete passes as quickly as possible to avoid blocking others.
    * Racers should stay in control and be prepared to slow or stop 
at all times. This course contains some obstacles that may require 
riders to dismount and travel by foot for short distances.
    * It is the racers responsibility to make sure their bicycle 
is in safe working order. On course mechanical assistance is not available.


    * The run course will consist of approximately 6.5 miles of 
dual and single track unpaved trails.
    * Racers must stay on the marked course. Cutting the course 
will result in disqualification. Course signage and volunteers 
will direct racers but the ultimate responsibility to stay on 
course rests on the participant.
    * Racers may only travel by foot during this leg of the race.
    * The provided race number must be worn during this leg of 
the race and must be visible from the front at the finish line.
    * Pacing by non-participants in the race is considered 
outside assistance and will result in disqualification.


    * Time spent in transition counts towards the race time.
    * Bicycles may not be ridden while in the transition area!
    * Racers must walk/run their bicycles from the transition 
area to the mount line before starting the cycling course.
    * Racers must dismount their bicycles before the dismount 
line and walk/run their bicycles back to transition.
    * Racers will be assigned a spot in the approved section 
of the transition area prior to the race. Bicycles and other 
equipment may only be placed in your assigned spot. The center 
isle must be kept clear at all times. Bike racks will be provided.
    * No public nudity is allowed.