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The 2024 Morgantown Area Grand Prix (MAGP) Series

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The 2024 Morgantown Area Grand Prix (MAGP) Series is presented by the Morgantown Roadrunners/WV Track Club ( sign up on-line ).



The object of this series is to promote increased participation in member races and, as a result, heighten awareness of and funding for the various race-supported causes. With the continued support of area runners and event sponsors, the Grand Prix strives to continue our success.

  • The 2024 MAGP consists of thirteen (13) different races, ranging in distance from 1 to 13.1 miles.
  • You are automatically entered in the series if you participate in any of the events.
  • Scheduled races and race dates are subject to change. Reasonable efforts will be made to notify series entrants if and when such changes occur. Grand Prix officials do not assume responsibility for date changes or cancellations of affiliate races.
  • Your final score will be the sum of you best 8 age graded percentages (race scores) + all participation points + all club points prior to July 1st. (We encourage you to run as many asyou can.) .

  • Guidelines issued by the West Virginia Secon-dary School Activities Commission limit the type of awards that students may accept to plaques, trophies, certificates,etc. To protect the status of student athletes, all entrants who are enrolled in grades 6 through 12 at the end of the year will be ineligible to receive any series competition award of monetary value.


  • Age Graded Points . . . Age Graded Points (Update coming soon for 2024) - We are using the WMA age grading system. Your time will be age graded using factors that depend upon your age and the distance of the race. We then take the theoretical world record (for the distance, your age & sex) and divide it by your time to get a percentage. We multiply by 100 to get an integer. Points will be rounded to the nearest whole number for display purposes, but fractions of points will be used to determine the standings.

  • Example . . .
      If a 10-year-old male runs a 10K in 40:55 (2455 seconds) his score is 1890/2455 x 100 = 77

      If a 55-year-old female runs a 10K in 46:22 (2782 seconds) her score is 2141/2782 x 100 = 77 it's a tie.

  • Bonus = Morgantown Roadrunner, WV Track Club members receive 3 points for each of their best 8 races. You must be a club member prior to July 1, 2024. Club points will be awarded for the 8 best races run prior to and after the deadline. Memberships are good for the calendar year.

  • Participation = For every mile raced in the series you will receive 1 point. This is not limited to your top races, all races you participate in accumulate points towards your total. Kilometers are converted to miles and rounded down for each race.


After the series is over and the scores are tallied, we will schedule a banquet in January to celebrate everyone's accomplishments. We do hope that you will join us!


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