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Sunday, September 15, 2002 -- Canaan Valley Resort State Park - Canaan Valley, WV
Revenge of the Rattlesnake WVMBA Pts.#14 VA Pts.#5 (iPO Event Id#: 4800)
WVMBA MTB Race, VA Exchange Double XC Race, & Dual Enduro Team Relay

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Riding high in the saddle down the Rattlesnake's back
A classic backcountry race through the most scenic terrain in the east. This point to point race between Blackwater Falls State Park and Canaan Valley Resort State Park in West "by God" Virginia, will cover between 25 and 50 kilometers of technical single track, depending on race class. Part of the racecourse usually includes sections from the original "50K" race.

When & Where: Sunday, September 15, 2002 at Canaan Valley Resort State Park, Canaan Valley, West Virginia

Race Coverage: provided by iPlayOutside

The Nitty-Gritty on the Rattlesnake Course: "The course turned off of "technical, yet rideable" Plantation, to lower Lindy Run. Lindy Run is what I would call "extreme" riding. I've ridden this trail many times willingly and with exhilaration but today I rode it with fear, debating in my mind whether or not I was going to ride "the cliff". The "cliff" is a steep extended drop with three line choices that are all hairball. I road it well in my pre-ride, but today I was feeling like a chicken in the wet conditions. It was way too early in the race to get hurt and there were a couple of spectators that made me nervous. Lindy is 1.3 miles of non-stop line picking, wet pointy rocks, power moves and hair-raising drops. Not to mention bogs that could eat a race bike." --- reporter on the scene, iPlayoutside's man of the year, Marty Lamp

Race Details:
  • Location & Shuttle - Race starts at Blackwater Falls State Park, Pendleton Point Picnic Shelter and finishes at Canaan Valley State Park, Main Lodge. Morning shuttle only! from Canaan (leaves from Main Lodge), to Blackwater @ 7:30 AM, no delays! First come first serve, helmets are required for all race participants. Course WILL be open for pre-riding and running all day, the day before the race.

  • Registration - Pre-Register at Canaan Valley Resort State Park (Main Lodge), on Saturday, September 14, from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Race Day Registration is at Pendleton Point Overlook Parking Lot, Blackwater Falls State Park. Opens at 7:00 AM.

  • Entry Fees - WVMBA Point Series only: $25 WVMBA Member, $30 Non-Member. Team Relay (2 person teams): $50 per team, $45 if at least one team-mate is WVMBA Member. Call 1-800-4121 for Team Details.

  • Race Start Time - 10:00 AM Mass start for all WVMBA classes and Team Relay. 9:00 AM start for Double XC class only (VA exchange race).

  • Award Ceremony - 4:00 PM at Canaan Valley State Park, Main Lodge

Course Length for WVMBA Point Series Classes:

  • 50K - Expert Men/Women; Jr. Expert Men/Women (18-under); Vet Expert Men/Women (35+)
  • 41K - Sport Men/Women; Vet Sport Men/Women (35+); Clydesdale (200+ lbs.); Jr. Sport Men/Women (18-under); Master Men (45+)
  • 26K - Master Women (45+); Jr. Men/Women (14-under); Beginner Men/ Women
Course Length for VA Exchange Racers:
  • 73K - Double XC Men/Women
Course Length for Dual Enduro Team Relay:
  • Bike 50K/Run 22.5K - Expert Relay Teams (Men/Women, & Mixed)
  • Bike 41K/Run 10K - Sport Relay Teams (Men/Women, & Mixed)
  • Bike 26K/Run 5K - Beginner Relay Teams (Men/Women, & Mixed)

TITLE: Revenge of the Rattlesnake WVMBA Pts.#14 VA Pts.#5
EVENTS: XCountry
WHEN: Sun, 15 Sep
WHERE: Canaan Valley (Canaan Valley Resort State Park), WV
CONTACT: John Northeimer (304) 866-4121 x 2677 E-mail
VA Championship Comm. (540) 977-4335 E-mail
AFFILIATES: WVMBA Point Series Virgina State Series