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Sunday, February 8, 2009 -- Charleston, WV / Kanawha City Community Center
Winter Series #3 - Run & Walk (iPO Event Id#: 11638)

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Final Winter Race Gets a Sunny Day

Story and photos by George Gannon

Who would have thought a competition that goes by the name Winter Race Series would host races on so many nice days. But that was just the case with the 2008/2009 Winter Series Run/Walk in Charleston. Of the three races, only the second race was marked by exceptionally cold weather.

For last Sunday's third and final race, it was warm and sunny and plenty of folks showed up to take in the great weather.

And while the temperatures might have been unseasonably pleasant, it's likely the course that keeps them coming back. The flat, fast course twists its way through the side streets of Kanawha City, taking runners and walkers past tree-lined streets and stately homes.

But scenery and agreeable temperatures would only get the runners so far. A 10k race can take its toll on even the stoutest athlete.

Taking the top spot in the 10K + and all three races + was Brad Kohler. He finished in front of Thomas Osborne and Forrest Reed.

For the ladies, Chelsea Jarvis took the number one overall spot. Taking the second spot was Megan Schuerger. Rounding out the top three was Christine Azevedo.

Winter Series Race Photo
This event was hosted by the Tallman Track club. This running club is an unintentionally nonprofit organization dedicated to training and practice for road racing from 5K to Marathon and beyond. New members are welcome and the only membership qualification is a willingness to sweat, suffer, and persevere. For three decades, the Tallman Track Club has met for practice and training at 5pm at The University of Charleston-heat, cold, rain, sleet or snow notwithstanding.