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Saturday, September 12, 1998 -- Romney
Hampshire Heritage Days 10K Race & 2 Mile Fun Run

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Clarke Morgret(L) and Drew Yurko(R) enjoy two miles of fun running
The Hampshire Heritage Days 10K Run & 2 Mile Fun Run finally got back off the ground Saturday the 12th of September. In the previous two years, the run, which in the past had more than 100 participants, was cancelled by both Mother Nature (Hurricane Fran) and Big Brother (WV DOH). Just as the race began, the WVOutside van pulled up and dispersed its runner (Lew McGrath) to both get his morning exercise and run the course. Weather for the event was beautiful with temperatures in the 70's and brilliant sunny skies.

The first to arrive at the finish line for the 2 Mile Fun Run were Ed and Sarah Morgret (18:04 and 18:33 respectively) followed closely by their son Clarke and his friend Drew Yurko (20:46). As evidenced by Clarke and Drew's actions on the course, generally goofing around with each other and hamming it up for the camera, they definitely had a "Fun Run". Michael Lippold, who kept one foot on the ground at all times during his 2 miles, finished first among the walkers with a time of 21:32.

Bret Mower, running in the serious race, finished first
The 10K course was an out and back route over a scenic two-lane country road next to the fields and forests of Hampshire county. While the undulating hills of the course were not noticeably steep, they were definitely felt by the runners, especially the last few before the finish line. Local police support helped to minimize close encounters with motor vehicles and those driving over the course during the race were supportive in not trying to pass runners and leave them in a trail of exhaust fumes. Water stops were plentiful and sports drink, fruits, and donuts were provided at the finish line.

Whether it was 10K or 2 Miles, William Moomau's shirt sums up the Hampshire Heritage Days races
The first male to cross the finish line in the 10K race was Bret Mower (35:13) followed closely by Jonathan Bellingham (35:41) and Tony Yurko (37:15). Setting the pace for the women was Maureen Hall who, with 6 1/2 minute miles, finished the race with a time of 39:57 followed by Lynn (42:02) and Paula Bridges (44:59). In the senior circuit, John Stump (56) covered the 10K course in 44:18 followed by Bill Stakem (47:06) and Michael Wilson (1:02:11).

WVOutside would like to thank the organizers of the Hampshire Heritage Days 10K Run & 2 Mile fun run for their hospitality and look forward to heading out to Romney for next year's race.