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Saturday, April 29, 2000 -- Jane Lew, WV
15th Annual General Lightburn Run
Story and photos by Julie Bertsch

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2000 General Lightburn Run
Feeling some positive energy near the end of the 1st mile
It was quite a beautiful day in Jane Lew on Saturday, April 29th. The early morning mountain midst settled over the valley, and the nippy air gave way to a warm end-of-April sun.

The course from start of finish for the 1 Miler and the 5K Run looked more like a parade route lined with bright orange cones, police officers, and volunteers in bright apparel. The Jane Lew Volunteer Fire Department was on their toes, and certainly ready for this year's 15th Annual General Lightburn racing extravaganza. Many smiles were exchanged at registration, as over 120 old and new friends alike pinned on their racing bids, and headed out to route 19 for a warm up jog.

2000 General Lightburn Run
Alex Weaver keeps up a fast pace to the end of the 1 Mile Run
To kick the friendly competitive energy into overdrive, the return of the General's 1 Mile Race was a welcome part of the day's events. It didn't take long for over 25 folks to finish the fast, 1 Mile trek down Route 19 to the finish. Over the High Street Bridge heading for the last stretch of pavement, a flash of red could be seen. No, it wasn't that super hero called "The Flash", it was the bright locks of Larry Taylor of Fayetteville, WV. Taylor speed across the line with a fast time of 4:42 to take home the 1st place trophy.

Some more red could be seen in a blur as Aaron Kaylor(5:09), breezed across the finish to take 2nd in the Mile Race. Alex Weaver kicked it in past the cones to finish 3rd with an impressive time of 5:27.

2000 General Lightburn Run
Guinn & Taylor are just seconds apart nearing the last mile
This year's 5K Run had at least 20 more people than last year, and the competition increased as well. As the runners headed back down the flat, paved path of 2nd street, two runners could be seen as silhouettes with the sun beating down on their backs. Larry Taylor had his warm up in the 1 Mile Race, but nineteen year old Mikey Guinn of Nitro, was doing some warming up of his own. Both Taylor (Winner of the 2000 Electric 5K/ April 8th), and Guinn (Winner of the 2000 Run Forrest...Run!!/ April 15th), have been running very strong this month.

2000 General Lightburn Run
Nate Ferguson is more than just a fast mountain biker
Guinn kept his eye on Taylor, and Taylor edged his way close to Guinn's heels by the end of 2nd mile. When I asked Larry Taylor what happened at the finish line since I hadn't seen the outcome he said, "Mickey was just stringing me along. He's a really strong runner!" Although Taylor thought that Guinn could have left him behind at any time, there was an obvious high level of respect between those runners. Guinn finish the 5K first, just 6 seconds ahead of Taylor(15:48), with a time of 15:42. Taking 3rd overall in the 5K was David Bee (16:53).

2000 General Lightburn Run
Kathy Willming from Wheeling keeps up her strides
The race for the women a kind of close, but not too close. The 2nd place overall women's winner of the 2000 Run Forrest...Run!!, Robin Stone (21:24) of Morgantown, stayed ahead of her competition by 9 seconds to capture the 1st place women's trophy. Melissa Haveron(21:33), had Stone in her sights, but Stone kept her strong lead to the very end, and Haveron took 2nd. Nicole Tingler of Grafton finished 3rd overall for the women respectively with a time of 22:07.

After the race was over, it was time to head back into the Jane Lew Fire Dept. Building for some snacks! Many different prizes were given away, even a nice wood rocking chair was won by George "The Hammer" Macek. What a great way to say goodbye to April, and welcome the month of May!

Special Thanks: To the Jane Lew Volunteer Fire Dept., The Jane Lew Police, the dozens of local volunteers, and race director Joe Turner. See you next year!