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Saturday, July 8, 2000 -- Huntington, WV
Ritter Park 5K Run
Story and photos by Pam Anderson

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and they're off!
Great day for a run: the start of the Ritter Park 5K
A cool sunny morning: every runner's dream. That is how the Ritter Park 5K race day dawned as runners from the area gathered in Huntington to test their skills. The out-and-back course is a flat, fast-pace course that winds through the park's boundaries. Today's race was sponsored by Huntington Parks and Recreation to help promote the beauty of the park and all the joys of running. As a special, treat winners were awarded a unique series of mugs as prizes. These mugs were designed by Mud River Pottery specially for the Ritter Park race. Each year the mug features a design of a leaf from one of the trees in the park. This year's mug, third in the series, had a replica of the magnificent Pin Oak.

winners, mugs, cheers
Cheers! Winners and their mugs from Mud River Pottery.
As the runners made the last leap to the finish line, well ahead of the pack was Tony Yurko sailing in for a first-place overall finish with a time of 17:13. Tony kept a steady pace through out the course with a pace of 5:33 minutes per mile. Sprinting in for a second-place finish was Jonathon Sloan with a time of 18:01. But not far behind was Gregory Wheeler of Barboursville with a time of 18:25. Gregory said the course was an easy, fast-going course. Tim Bailey captured the first place male masters with a time of 18:40.

women's #2, Sara Walker
Sara Walker races for a second-place finish in Huntington
Seizing the first-place female finish was Sue McGhie with a time of 19:20. Also placing in the top three were Sara Walker for a second-place finish with a time of 19:47 and Robin Owsley for a third-place finish with a time of 22:40. Taking home the female masters' first place was Theresa Wood with a time of 24:16.

A special mention to the Huntington Road Runners Beginner running class for participation in their first competitive race. Congratulations to Barbie Woodrum, second place in her age group, Kim Feist, third place in her age group, Brenda Thomas, Kathy Goodall and Sherry McClanahen for a job well done. Keep your running shoes going girls!

A perfect day for a great run through the park. Two thumbs up for the organizers of this year's event and to Tom Plummer and his wife for providing the race times and results. So if you missed this years race be sure to check out next year's race for a chance to win a specially-designed mug series.