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Saturday, September 29, 2001 - Sunday, September 30, 2001 -- Ohiopyle, PA
AWA Ohiopyle Falls Race & Freestyle (iPO Event Id#: 3545)

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Several changes from last year, thhe prices have been reduced from last year and only those who pre-register will be given tee shirts.
*** Addtional Race Information can be found at the official
3nd AWA Ohiopyle Falls Race Site.

Be sure to stick around Saturday night for the party!

2000 Ohiopyle Falls Race
Are you ready?
WHEN: Saturday, Sept. 29th to Sunday, Sept. 30th, 2001

WHERE: Ohiopyle State Park in Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania

WHAT: A Downriver Race & Freestyle Falls Race ending with a run over the 15 foot, Ohiopyle Falls. If the level is HIGHER than 1'-8", there will be no running of the falls, a loop race will take the falls race place. (Please read details below.)

RACE PURPOSES: This event is being held for several purposes...

  • 1) To raise funds for the Ohiopyle-Stewart Volunteer Fire Department;
  • 2) To raise funds for the American Whitewater Affiliation;
  • 3) To give paddlers an opportunity to go over the otherwise illegal-to-run Ohiopyle Falls
  • 4) And to provide entertainment to the spectators.
PRE-REGISTRATION: The race and freestyle competitions will be significantly easier to manage if most of the competitors pre-register. Pre-registration will also allow competitors to accurately predict when they may run the falls, and thus more efficiently plan the rest of their time over the weekend.

To encourage pre-registration, the event organizers have established a reduced pre-registration entry donation for racing, for freestyling, and for those who wish to do both.


If the gauge at the put-in for the Lower Youghiogheny reads higher than 1'-8" (one foot - eight inches), NO runs over the falls will be permitted!

This is because above 1'-8", water runs over the rocks on river right above the falls, and there is a high possibility that a paddler will go over the falls far enough right so as to piton into the large rocks under the falls.

Such an occurrence would certainly result in serious injury or death.

There are certainly a number of paddlers capable of running the falls successfully above 1'-8". However, we are unable to determine which competitors are capable of making the run safely, and do not want anyone hurt, so will not allow the falls to be run above 1'-8".

(Please note that this was a unanimous decision among the race organizers as we inspected the falls at 1'-11", and not an arbitrary level imposed on us.)


A loop race will be run both days.

REFUNDS: Sorry, NO refunds will be given. (Hey, it's for a good cause!)

VOLUNTEERS: Running this event requires 60 volunteers, each of whom must work at least three hours on Saturday, and at least three hours on Sunday. A number of incentives have been put in place to attract volunteer workers.

  • All pre-registered volunteers will receive a free event tee shirt.
  • All volunteers pre-registering for competitions may pay one-half of the normal donation amount.
  • All volunteers competing will receive bib numbers allowing them to go first (if they wish to) during assigned practice sessions.
Volunteer work schedules will be established so as not to interfere with the either volunteer's practice times or with their competition times.

Work schedules will be established and communicated to volunteers at least a week before the event.

TITLE: AWA Ohiopyle Falls Race & Freestyle
EVENTS: Down River Race, Rodeo
WHEN: Sat, 29 Sep - Sun, 30 Sep
WHERE: Ohiopyle, PA
CONTACT: Dr. Joe Braden E-mail