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Sunday, August 20, 2006 -- Kingwood, WV
Run With the Law 5K - MAGP #11 (iPO Event Id#: 7438)

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Story and photos by JR Petsko (recap on the way)

Photo by JR Petsko
Happy to run with the Law
"I saw tanks, guys with machine guns, members of the FBI, police officers, and everyone was running really fast!" This is not a scene for newest action movie in theaters. It's round number eleven of the 2006 Morgantown Area Grand Prix circuit. The race is held in conjunction with the annual FBI Training Academy week at beautiful Camp Dawson in Preston County. Hence the name Run With the Law. This year marked the eighth running of this event along the scenic Cheat River

On Sunday afternoon, racers began to file into Camp Dawson eager enjoy the beautiful sunshine that was being cast down onto the beautiful mountain valley. That would all change fifteen minutes before the beginning of the race. Out of no were dark clouds begun to fill the sky that just five minutes ago where blue. Then all of a sudden it was pouring. Not raining, pouring! Raindrops fell from the sky that I swear, where the size quarters.

Photo by JR Petsko
All smiles after the rain
Just one minute before the start, Mother Nature must have figured out that she was dealing with the FBI, the U.S. Army, local law enforcement, and seventy-five race participates. As quickly as it started the rain disappeared. After the race I heard a remark that seemed to explain the odd weather perfectly. "Man I know officers have a lot of pull, but I never know they had that much!"

The excitement of the weather would soon fade, and once again thoughts where on the course that was ahead of them. Being one of the flattest routes on the circuit, racers knew they where in for a fast race from the very beginning. People who thought that where 100% correct.

It was last years defending champion Danny Fink of Morgantown, setting pace out of Camp Dawson and onto the first public road, but he was not alone. Hot on fink's heals was eighteen year old Jobey Knapton of Fairmont, and fifteen year old Corey Urse of Maidsville. Fink was having no of this. As the first runner made the turn back towards Camp Dawson it was Fink hold a two-minute lead of his nearest competitor.

Photo by JR Petsko
Danny Fink heads down the road
As the runners battled there down the road I am sure no one had a chance to look at the beautiful mountain landscapes around, because the race behind Fink was just so close. Nine racers where with in thirty seconds of each other and it was going to be a dogfight to the finish. First at the line was Fink hold on to his two minutes lead of the field finishing in a time of 16:11.60, and defending his title from 2005. Coming in second overall was Jim Cummings of Mannington. Cummings was able to hold off third place finisher Corey Urse by the slimmest of margins.

Just two seconds behind them was overall female winner Heather Parks of Morgantown, once again putting in a great performance. That was not the end of the exciting racing. In the male 15-19 and the 40-44 classes first and second where decided buy less then three seconds. In the 15-19 year old class it was Ryan Hanlon pulling out the victory over Jobey Knapton. Mark Offutt of Fairmont was able to hold his few seconds lead over Lew McMrath of Wheeling. Rounding out the top overall females after parks was Cathy Ricker of Morgantown, in second place. Blanca Skaggs of Flemington who was seven seconds back followed ricker.

This years Run with the Law was one of most exciting races I have ever attended and I can' wait for next year's event. Special thanks to very one involved that helped make this event so much fun.