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Saturday, October 21, 2006 -- St. Albans, WV
Run for the Health of It 5K
[Details] [Awards] (These are the only results provided to iPlayOutside.)

Overall Men
1Luke Elis18:54
2Jerry Bostic19:03
3Jeremy Shultz19:18
Male under 14
1Caleb Bowen19:50
2Aaron Peal20:20
3Mark Stewart22:54
Male 15-19
1Josh Huddleston35:49
Male 20-29
1Wayne Bennett20:45
Male 30-39
1Jim Rank21:47
2Donald Peal23:09
Male 50-59
1Fred Jones19:21
2Dennis Eye20:20
3Dale Goff20:50
Male 70 and Over
1Robert Fretwelln/a
Overall Women
1Kelly McGraw20:31
2Teresa Rank22:11
3Jordan Thorton22:50
Female 14 and Under
1Sarah Davis22:50
2Katie Burgess23:36
3Andi Hass36:00
Female 20-29
1Alyssa Lawson26:25
2Kristen McCracken29:13
Female 40-49
1Jennifer Ellis29:13
Female 50-59
1Cathy Hill23:45
TITLE: Run for the Health of It 5K
EVENTS: 5K Run and Walk
WHEN: Sat, 21 Oct, 2006
WHERE: St. Albans, WV
CONTACT: Charley Bowen (304) 562-9168 E-mail