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Sunday, July 18, 2010 -- Davis, WV
WV State Mountain Bike Championships - WVMBA #8 (iPO Event Id#: 12490)

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* WVMBA Points Series Event *

West Virginia Mountain Bike Association (WVMBA) supports the efforts of The International Mountain Biking Association and encouragages all riders to adhere to the rules of the trail. Visit them at:

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Held at the Blackwater Bikes shop in downtown Davis on race day, or stop in and pre-register if you're in the area.

WVMBA Photo by JR Petsko
Race and ride in Davis, WV
Photo by J.R. Petsko

Blackwater Bikes
Mountain Bike Outfitters
460 William Ave, Davis, WV 26260

(phone) 304-259-5286


Held on land just outside of Davis, WV thanks to property owners Allegheny Power, Canaan Valley Institute, and the Vandalia Heritage Foundation. It's rolling with rocky and sometimes muddy terrain. The route is mostly single-track and double-track trails with a short section of county road. Trails on the course include Initiation Run, Trials Road, Rockshox, Yellow Creek, Mount Strip Mine, Moon Rocks and the HooDoo Rocks. Maps of the course are available at Blackwater Bikes in Davis and the course is open for pre-rides.

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Blackwater Bikes is your one stop shop for mountain and road bike rentals, parts, sales, accessories, guided tours and trail expertise in the heart of Davis, WV. Want to know where to ride in the area? Just ask Roger or Matt.

Start Date: 2010-07-18     Start Time: 1:00pm
Event Name: WV State Mountain Bike Championships Blackwater Classic - WVMBA #8
Location(s): Davis, WV 26260
Event Type(s): Bike
Event Distance(s):
Contact(s): Blackwater Bikes
   Phone: 304-259-5286
Affiliate(s): West Virginia Mountain Bike Association
Offsite URL: