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Sunday, September 19, 2010 -- Davis, WV / Blackwater Bikes
Revenge of the Rattlesnake - WVMBA Ultra #5 - Championship (iPO Event Id#: 12504)

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* WVMBA Ultra Series Event *

Check the offical Revenge of the Rattlesnake website for all the latest news on the race.

The 27th annual Revenge of the Rattlesnake Race is possibly the longest running annual mountain bike race in the galaxy, and it's the 4th and final race of the WVMBA Ultra Series.

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Eric Cvechko holds a rattlesnake in 1998
Photo by Don Parks
After the race, wash your bike, hang out, eat and drink right behind the bike shop!


Blackwater Bikes
460 William Avenue
Davis, West Virginia 26260

(phone) 304/259-5286


The race first began in 1983, and became part of the Canaan Mountain Series back in 1984 and has been a series race ever since, as well as a popular attraction to riders from surrounding states as well as a few locals. Some locals who ride the trails all the time or have participated in the race, don't want any part of this race because they know what is in store!

The course changes every year and this year it is encompasses trails in Blackwater Falls State Park, National Forest- Canaan Mountain, Canaan Valley Institute property and Vandelia Heritage Foundation property. All in all and 44 mile course with enough technical and gnarly single track to test your endurance and will power!

Course (or curse)

    Starting in front to the bike shop (route 32 will be closed for the start)... head over the rt32 bridge, take a right on STP access road into Blackwater Falls St Park, keep going until it turns into Yellow Birch Trail, then left on Davis trail, after about 100yrds take right on Red Spruce trail, take that until you hit Shay Trace and take a left, cross the pavement near the cabins and come out on the sled run and take a left on Canaan Loop Road. Follow Loop Road until you get to Mountainside Trail. on your right. Take Mountainside down to 244 and take a left and climb back up to Loop Rd. Left on Loop Rd until you get to Plantation trail on the right. Take Plantation all the way to the end at Route32. Right on route 32 for a short spell and then take Canaan Heights Rd that is across rt32.. Head up to the weather station ..(not the radio tower!) Go around to the left of the fence surrounding the station to hit the trail behind it and then left and down the fire road for a bit, take a left at the power lines till you get to the next road, and take a right. cross thru the gate and continue down the road until it starts to rise a tad, then left on the new Hellbender trail on the left. (red blazed) Follow course markings as they switchback down the logging road and across a little hike-a-bike rock bar before it dumps you out at the blackwater river. The other side is well flagged to be able to pickup the dumps you out into campsite 10 so take a left on Camp 70 Rd till you see campsite7 on the right (big pit area with white gate) Take a right and head to the top of the lttle pit and then a right on the green trail and head up to HooDoo rock, over to and down MoonRock, (like you are riding the st champs course backwards) then take a left on the st champs beginner loop, over to red trail, yellow trail, white trail, left at white trail T, and finally right on orange trail back to town where your beer, pizza, pasta, smiles and warm hugs will be awaiting your tired, aching, cramping body!

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    On the Course

    Aid Stations

    #1- Loop Road and Plantation
    #2- Route 32 and Plantation
    #3- Camp site number 7 on Camp 70 Road at the Green Trail

    Food that racers want to go to Aid Stations will be placed in designated spots at registration before 10:45 AM. WVMBA mountain bike racing rule apply. All repairs must be done only by registered racers using tools/parts that are carried with them. Food and water can be accepted from anyone anywhere on the course.

    Two Cut-off Points

    One at Aid Station #2 (Rt. 32) which will result in a DNF for stragglers and divert them down Rt. 32 to Davis and one at Aid Station #3 which will put stragglers on a shorter course but they will be counted in the results behind all finishers going by Aid Station #3 before the cut off time.


Cash prizes for all four classes, Men open, women open, single speed open and masters 45+. This is the forth and final race of the WVMBA ultra series. Also, it is the best three out of four scores for the series, so it is still up for grabs in every class and it will be a wide open race! There are four possible winners in men's open, seven in single speed, five in women's open and five masters!

We've done some trailwork!

Blackwater Bikes and Tucker County trails along with the Canaan Valley Institute (CVI) have paved the new trail on the west side of 32 from Rocky Point down to the swinging bridge. This makes for some sweet single track on that side of the mountain back down to Davis instead of the long fire road down. Check out photos and video on the Tucker County Trails website!


West Virginia Mountain Bike Association (WVMBA) supports the efforts of The International Mountain Biking Association and encouragages all riders to adhere to the rules of the trail. Visit them at:

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Start Date: 2010-09-19
Event Name: Revenge of the Rattlesnake - WVMBA Ultra #5 - Championship
Location(s): Davis, WV 26260
Blackwater Bikes
Event Type(s): Bike
Event Distance(s):
Contact(s): Blackwater Bikes
   Phone: 304-259-5286
Affiliate(s): West Virginia Mountain Bike Association
Comments: Championship - Final Ultra Series Event
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