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Saturday, June 2, 2012 -- Morgantown, WV / Deckers Creek Trail
Deckers Creek Trail Half Marathon - MAGP #4 (iPO Event Id#: 13881)

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17 States, More than 500 People, One Great Trail

Story and Photos by Julie & Jason Black.

2012 Deckers Creek Trail Half Marathon photo
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Railways were once a vital artery across the nation, connecting people to the land as in the 1860s. Now the unused railways have become rail-trails and people are part of the land again, using them to bike and run on, even celebrate on. In June more than 550 people ran on the Deckers Creek Rail-Trail to benefit the Mon River Trails system.

"It's becoming sort of a reunion." said race organizer, Ella Belling. "Lots of people are signing up to run it together."

Participants from 17 different states proved that theory.

Belling, who is the executive director for the Monongahela River Trail Conservancy, told WBOY-Channel 12 . . . "We've been doing this every year on National Trail Day as a way to celebrate our local rail trails. We have 50 miles of trail, this is our biggest fund raiser for the Mon. River Trails Conservancy."

2012 Deckers Creek Trail Half Marathon photo
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Shane Logan drove all the way from Clarkston, Michigan to win first place in the race with a time of 1:11:50. T.J. Abel (1:12:51) and Mark Burnham (1:13:18), both from West Virginia, took 2nd and third respectively.

Another Michigan resident took first place, Jackie Rzepecki. She was the first place woman with a time of 1:17:52. She was also 9th overall. Jamie Morgenstern of Pittsburg, PA finished as the 2nd female (1:22:49). Line Lauritsen of McHenry, Maryland was 3rd (1:23:01).

SustainU provided the 100% recycled race shirts. This annual event coincides with National Trail Day every year, so if you missed it this year, put it on your calendar now! It's a wonderful community event.

Find out more about the Mon River Trails Conservancy online at: