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Sunday, February 3, 2013 -- Charleston, WV / CAMC Memorial
Winter Series 10K Run . 5K Walk (iPO Event Id#: 14185)

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The Race for the Purple Hoodie

Story by Tracey Todd with photos by Daniel Todd.

Winter Series
2013 Winter Series photo by Daniel Todd.
The 3rd and final event in the 2013 truly did the Winter Series name proud. 295 runners turned out to test themselves with the icy 10K distance. Runners on the way to the start were greeted by both well wishes and words of caution from the 30 walkers who were finishing up their skate through the slick 5k walking course.

The cold wind whipped at the racers, pushing them faster than they otherwise might have run given the icy road conditions.

To motivate the crowd, race coordinator WK Munsey announced before the gun shot that if the pack would hurry up-- and not get hurt falling down-- he had hot pizza for 400 waiting at the finish.

His strategy worked and had series leader, Nick Bias, back for the first slice with a winning time of 36:20. Marshall Sharp grabbed his at 37:31 and Scott Workman slid in to the finish at 39:34.

Winter Series
2013 Winter Series photo by Daniel Todd.
The womens' finishing order from race number two was repeated in this third installment in the series. Marian Pyles' pizza was definitely still hot when she was the first female to arrive at the finish with a time of 39:42.

She was followed by Allison Cox at 39:59, and Bridget Conolly at 42:29.

Nick Bias was the male overall winner with a series time of 1:20:52. Second place male series overall was Sharp at 1:24:57 and third was Workman with 1:25:49.

For the females, Marian Pyles led the series with a series time of 1:27:22, Allison Cox took second with 1:29:07, and Bridget Conolly was third with 1:33:35. 230 participants completed all three installments in this year's Winter Series.

Special thanks go out to all the cheerful and enthusiastic volunteers who made the 2013 Winter Series possible!

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