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Saturday, April 7, 2007 -- Glen Dale, WV / Reynolds Memorial Hospital
Webark Estates 5K Run and Walk (iPO Event Id#: 10018)

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Newton-Photo by Julie Black
Newton, a member of the family
Story and photos by Julie Black

Pets are people. It sounds like a silly slogan for a new line of pet clothing, but it's not. I mean it. Newton, lovingly nicknamed Newt, is our handsome 10-year old Labrador Retriever. Newt's been a part of my son's life since he was born, following the now 4-year old Spiderman around as his faithful sidekick, Spider-dog. Our friend, first baby, and brother Newt, has kidney failure. The lesson awaiting my son is a tough one, and the void that will be left by our beloved dog will be a large one. Like I said, pets are people.

Race director, Tom Rownd, would probably agree. He annually directs two running and walking events dedicated to animals; the Webark Estates 5K, and the Auggie's 5K held in October.

Webark 5K-Photo by Julie Black
A cold spring in Glen Dale
Webark Estates Inc. is a non-profit, no kill animal shelter. The Lacefield's own the facility that's currently home to many cats, dogs, and rabbits. The goal for most of the animals is adoption, but lifetime care is provided to any animal accepted into Webark Estates. They strive to find homes for pets in their care and offer a matchmaker service to owners who have pets that they are unable to keep.

Now in its fourth year associated with iPlayOutside, the Webark 5K averages over 150-220 participants every year depending on the weather. Many racers have never missed a Webark event, and with plenty of music, food, and fun at pre and post-race time it's easy to see why.

Webark 5K-Photo by Julie Black
Racing past the buds and flowers
The course began behind the Reynolds Memorial Hospital in a small Glen Dale neighborhood lined with flowering trees and cheering onlookers. Ample parking was a plus, as well as traffic control at some intersections.

A cold winter-like wind slowed finishing times, but didn't seem to deter spirits. One of the first runners that I've ever met in the Wheeling, West Virginia area, Ed Tullius, shot me a smirk as Tom Rownd gave racers the race-day scoop. Terry Whitecotton, a well-known area race walker was also in the crowd, wearing his ever familiar red and white attire accompanied with his effortless smile. Timer, George Frazier, gave Tom the okay as racers headed into the neighborhood lead by a pace car.

Ohio runner, Matt Marshall, lead local Ed Tullius into the last turn before the straight-away finish. Their breath formed clouds of midst in front of them as the sun lit their backs to silhouette them against the trees.

Matt Marshall-Photo by Julie Black
Ohio runner Matt Marshall races in WV
Marshall remained in stride not looking back, as Tullius charged, head cocked to the side. Matt Marshall finished first overall with a time of 18:17, and Tullius crossed in second in 18:26. Michael Bittenger (18:51) of Wheeling, WV was third.

Another Ohio resident finished with top honors. Chrissy Lewis of Bridgeport, OH was the first woman to cross the line with a time of 19:49 earning her the 9th overall spot. Danielle Black (22:24) of Wheeling, WV was second and Diane Basich (23:50) of Adena, OH claimed third.

Neighboring residents of Glen Dale, Tony Purpura (28:27) and Tammy Paull (30:21) of Wheeling, WV captured first and second overall in the walk. Mouse Yoker of Barton, OH was third with a time of 31:30.

This year the 5K had as many walkers as it did runners. Could it be that walking is becoming more popular in this area? We'd like to think so.

Thanks to the many sponsors, participants, and friends who made this event possible. Event proceeds benefitted Webark Estates, Inc.

Don't forget to attend the next Webark Fundraiser:
  • The 2nd Annual "Beast Of A Sale" Yard Sale on Saturday, April 28 at the 1st Christian Church on 3rd Street in Moundsville, WV.

Webark 5K-Photo by Julie Black
Raise money for Webark Estates
Would you like to give more? Here's How Please see their Wish List below if you'd like to give more. Contributions are always needed and may be mailed to:
Webark Estates, Inc., P.O. Box 918, Moundsville WV 26041, or shipped to
Rt 1 Box 431-A, Moundsville WV 26041.

Webark Wish List: It helps to have gift certificates for pet supplies, grocery stores, building supplies, hardware, or office supplies. We can always use 9-Lives canned cat food, dog toys, dog chews, cat toys, non-toxic cleaning supplies, laundry soap, dryer sheets, low-dust cat litter, and throw rugs...we are in need of 2'x3' throw rugs for our cat buildings. We've found these to be the best size rug to use, as they are easily washed. Call (304) 845-0855 to have rugs picked up. Visit the Webark web site.