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Saturday, April 14, 2007 -- Danese, WV / Babcock State Park
Babcock Gristmill Grinder-MSTR #1 (iPO Event Id#: 7832)

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Story by Race Director, Donnie Hudspeth

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Babcock State Park, WV
It was going to be a good race, which was clear from the beginning. With over 60 racers on hand, including Trophy Series Champions, West Virginia Trail Series Champions and first time half marathoners, we had all the makings of a fine trail race. The weather, though not ideal, was still okay for a trail running race. It was cool (much better than hot!) and a light rain was falling. Running in a light rain doesn't really bother you that much. Standing around in the rain does bother you, however. As one would expect, the hardest part was the waiting around to get started. I know we were all glad to have that nice big shelter keeping us dry!

Read more race coverage at The Register-Herald and a race recap from Joel Wolpert on WVMTR's site. Plus more information will be on the race site of course including 2007 photos on

I want to say a a great big, "Thank You!" to all of the fine folks that were able to make it to Babcock last weekend. If you did, you had a lot of fun, though in a weird runner sort of way that may make your friends and/or family look at you like you are crazy. If you could not make it, well... it was great! Plan on coming next year. It is a growing event with a great course through some of the most beautiful terrain you can ask for.