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Sunday, January 13, 2008 -- Charleston, WV / Kanawha City Community Center
Winter Series Runs and Walks #2 (iPO Event Id#: 10589)

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Fast Course for the Winter Series #2

Story and photos by George Gannon.

Winter Series #2
Winter Series #2 Run/ Walk
Photo by George Gannon
It might not have been as frosty as the last race in the 2007-2008 Winter Series runs, but Sunday wasn't exactly a run in mild weather. It was cold in Kanawha City for the 8,000 meter run and 4,000 meter walk, but there were still plenty of runners from around the area willing to brave the elements for the second race in the series.

The route winds its way though Kanawha City, jumping from street to street on a fast and flat course. Out of the gate quick and apparently undaunted by the chilly weather was Charleston's own Barrie Newberger(30:01). Newberger, 22, a former track star at Oberlin College in Ohio, has been a force in this series. She won the 5K last month and posted another impressive time on Sunday.

Following the race, Newberger, who finished eighth overall, said she was happy about her time, considering she never raced longer than a 6K.

Winter Series #2
Winter Series #2 Run/ Walk
Photo by George Gannon
"I've never gone longer than a 6K, so this was kind of an experiment," she said.

Coming in second for the women was Chelsea Jarvis (30:37). Rounding outthe top three was Christine Azevedo (32:41).

For the men, David Bias (27:25) took the top spot. Crossing the finish like second was Adam Coon (27:29). Coming in third was Marshall Spradling(27:37). That's the exact order they finished in during the previous race.

The next and final event in the series, a 10,000 meter run and 5,000meter walk, is set for February 3rd.