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August 22-23, 2008 -- Morgantown, WV / BoParc's Marilla Park and Pool
Sprint, Splash 'n Spin Triathlon (iPO Event Id#: 11084)

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Another Year, Another Success

Story and photos by J.R. Petsko

Presented by West Virginia University Hospitals, this year's event was welcomed to the area with warm temperatures and bright blue skies. The weather helped attract hundreds of individuals and a number of teams which helped to benefit the Mon County Habitat for Humanity.

Vinnie Monseau, Photo by JR Petsko
Thumbs-up from Vinnie Monseau
The Sprint, Splash and Spin consists of three different triathlon legs that include a 330 yard pool swim, an 11 mile paved trail bike ride and a 5 kilometer paved trail run.

"The Monseau Show"

The first person in the water was well known, local triathlon star Vinnie Monseau (special note: Sponsored by PowerBar he's also an All-American college wrestler).

Monseau clocked a 4 minute, 12 second swim which left him trailing Jason Balko early on. Balko put in a great swim finishing in 3 minutes and 57 seconds.

Monseau, however, had no plans of following anyone for long. Putting in the fastest bike leg of the day at 25:44 he took over the lead and never let go.

He followed up his bike ride with the fastest run of the day, completing the run leg in 16:33. Total time for Monseau was 47 minutes and 42 seconds which gave him the overall win.

The Race for Second

Balko followed up his swim with a 28:36 bike leg which kept him in second for the time being, but Derek Clark was coming on strong. Clark flew on his bike and finished his ride in 27:05.

Second place overall was going to be determined by who ran the fastest.

Balko slowed just a little during the run finishing in 20:02 leaving just enough room for Clark to take second away from him. Clark's total time was 52:13 followed by Balko in third (53:42).

SpinSplashSpin Photo by JR Petsko
This triathlon is fun for everyone
Top Women Finishers

Vying for overall women's spots, Janna Jackson and Nicole Dorinzi produced a tight race.

Although Jackson did not have the fastest swim of day, she made up for it on her bike by riding the course in 30:45. Then she hammered out a run time of 20:36, the 18th fastest of the day.

Jackson was the first overall women with a time of 59:08. She just edged out Dorinzi whos 13th best time in the run of 20:00 gave her the same total time as Jackson!

Third overall went to Jennifer Sober who had a great run leg of 20:34 allowing her to pass other members of the field. She finished with a total time of 1:00:49.

Teams in the Lead

The top Team swam a fast 4:30 in the pool, rode for 26:59 in the bike, and ran the 5K in 16:49. Team Ulmber, Ulmber Palya was first, earning the second fastest overall time of the day of 49:21. Only Ironman Vinnie Monseau beat that time all day.

Team HTFU took second with a total time of 54:39. Right behind them was the High Alert Team who finished the event in 55:44.

The one thing that's great about this triathlon is that it's not all about finishing in the top 3. Just being able to finish is a victory. Every year, people from all around Morgantown come out just to challenge themselves.

Reporter's Note: You are all are winners in my book. I had a great time taking photos and talking with you all. I hope to see you all again next year. Find out more about the event at