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Morgantown Area Grand Prix 2003

Cash Purse, Awards, Gift Certificates & Prizes!
Complete a minimum of 7 Grand Prix 2003 races and be eligible to win 1 of
5 gift certificates valued at $100 apiece
The top 4 male & female winners will receive cash awards:
1st $150; 2nd $100; 3rd $75; 4th $50


2003 Standings: [Men's] [Women's]
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[2002 Coverage and Pictures]

Series entrants, friends, family & runners are invited to this year's Awards Reception at 7:00PM on Monday, December 15th, 2003. It will be held at Back Bay Seafood Restaurant (Mileground - across from Morgantown Airport) Upstairs Banquet Room

Cash Awards: Will be presented to the top 4 males & top 4 females in the Open Division.

Competition Awards: Will be presented to the top 15 males & to 15 females in the Open Division.

Commemorative Awards: Will be presented to those who have completed at least 9 series races.

Gift Certificates: All those who have completed at least 7 series races are eligible to win 1 of 5 $100 gift certificates - winners will be chosen by random drawing.

Food & Beverages: Appetizers will be served - All those in attendance will receive tickets for 2 complimentary drinks of your choice. Discount dinners will be available at the Back Bay.

Participants need not be present to win the random prize drawings. Award winners who are unable to attend should arrange to pick up plaques & other articles - no items will be mailed.

For more information you can contact
John May at (304) 599-0949 / or
Bob Baker (304) 296-7988 /
and we'll see you at the party!


All of the member races of the Grand Prix benefit, directly or indirectly, a deserving community service organization. The object of this series is to promote increased participation in member races and, as a result, heighten public awareness of and funding for the various race-supported causes. This effort has met with tremendous success in the first five years of the Grand Prix's existence. Participation in the 7 events that were series races from 1998 through 2002 increased by 61% over that of the year before the series began. At an average of almost 500 additional participants per year, this translates into a contribution of approximately $20,000 over the five-year period for the recipient organizations. With the continued support of its sponsors, the Grand Prix will strive to improve upon this achievement in 2003.


  • It's FREE!!!
  • Participation in the 2003 Grand Prix is limited to runners only.
  • You must complete a separate registration form to enter the Grand Prix. Entry forms will be available at all of the first 7 series races. Once you enter, you are in for the year. Points will not be awarded retroactively for a race if you enter the series after the date of that race.
  • Scheduled races & race dates are subject to change. Reasonable efforts will be made to notify series entrants if & when such changes occur. Grand Prix officials do not assume responsibility for date changes or cancellations of affiliate races.
  • Your final score will be the total points for your best 7 races. There is no minimum number of series races in which you must enter to be included in the final standings.
  • In the event of a tie score among the top finishers at the end of the series, the place of finish will be determined by the runner who has accumulated the most points for all races run (not just points for the top 7 races).
  • Guidelines issued by the West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission limit the type of awards that students may accept to plaques, trophies, certificates, etc. To protect the status of student athletes, all entrants who are enrolled in grades 6 through 12 at the end of the year will be ineligible to receive any series competition award of monetary value.


  • All entrants in the Open and Scholastic Divisions who have entered and completed a minimum of 7 Grand Prix 2003 races will be eligible to win 1 of 5 gift certificates valued at $100 apiece. Winners will be selected by a random drawing.
  • Individuals who complete 9 out of the 11 races will receive a commemorative award at the end of the year.
  • The top 15 male and female finishers will receive championship awards at the end of the year.
  • The top 4 male and female winners will receive the following cash awards:
        1st - $150; 2nd - $100; 3rd - $75; 4th - $50
  • Competition awards, recognition awards and random prizes will be presented at a recaption (time and place to be announced).
  • Finish Points = Your percentile place of finish. For example, if you win a race you would receive 100 points. If you finish in the middl e of the pack, you would receive 50 points, etc. Percentiles will be rounded up to the nearest whole number for each race.
  • Bonus Points = You will receive 3 points per race if you are a member of the Morgantown Roadrunners/West Virginia Track Club. You must become a club member before you will be awarded points for a race.
  • Age Points = You will receive 1 point for each year your age (as of 1/1/03) is over or under age 28.

An Example A race has 150 finishers - Runner A is 28 years old, finishes in 11th place, and is not a WVTC member. Runner B is 53 years old, finishes in 53rd place and is a WVTC member. Points for this race are calculated as follows:

  A B
Finish Points 93 65
Age Points 0 25
Membership Points 0 3
    Total 93 93
It's a tie! A and B will have to duel it out in the next race!

Morgantown Roadrunners, WV Track Club Membership Benefits:

  • Members receive Footnotes, the club's monthly newsletter.
  • Members receive applications for local races.
  • Members may participate in group training runs and handicapped club races.
  • Membership dues are reasonably priced: Individual - $15, Family - $18, Student - $12.


The mission of Recourse Incorporated is to provide quality vocational rehabilitation services to employers and their employees who have experienced vocation and industrial accident and disease events. For additional information, call (304) 291-8193.

Providing printing services for the MAGP.

If you would like to join the club or if you have any questions or comments concerning the 2003 Grand Prix series please contact:

    John May: (304) 599-0949 or
    Morgantown Roadrunners/WV Track Club
    P.O. Box 4159
    Morgantown, WV 26504