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1999 Morgantown Area Grand Prix (MAGP)

1999 Final Standings:
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Date Race Location Contact
Mar 28 Cooper's Rock Challenge 10K
[Details] [Coverage] [Results]
Cooper's Rock State Park, Morgantown Bob Baker
(304) 296-7988
Apr 17 Run Forrest... Run 5K Cross Country
[Details] [Coverage] [Results]
Camp Mountaineer, Morgantown Rocky Kimble
(304) 291-3381
May 30 Albert Gallatin Regatta 5K Point Marion, PA Ken Ashton
(304) 291-3025
July 3 Spirit & Breath Challenge 5/10K
[Details] [Coverage] [Results]
White Park, Morgantown Debbie Palmer
(304) 296-8356
Aug 1 Gene's Run for Special Olympics
[Details] [Coverage] [Results]
Morgantown Martha Price
(304) 292-1023
Aug 14 Links to Lake 5K
[Details] [Coverage] [Results]
Morgantown Jill Redinger
(304) 594-9561
Aug 29 Run With The Law
[Details] [Coverage] [Results]
Kingwood Randy Proctor
(304) 363-3414
Sep 25 September Stride 5K
[Details] [Coverage] [Results]
Morgantown Tom Druge
(304) 598-4118
Oct 24 Red Ribbon 5K
[Details] [Coverage] [Results]
Morgantown Cathy Coontz
(304) 366-7174
Nov 7 Mountaineer Week 5K
[Details] [Coverage] [Results]
Morgantown Betty Bea Cox
(304) 293-2702
Dec 5 Back Bay Snowflake Sprint 5K
[Details] [Coverage] [Results]
Krepps Park, Morgantown John May
(304) 599-0949

For 1999, beginning with Cooper's Rock in March and ending with the Back Bay Snowflake Sprint in December, the Grand Prix of eleven Morgantown area races is designed to provide runners of all abilities with an opportunity to compete for a series championship award (top ten male, top ten female) while helping various worthy causes that benefit from each race. Individual standings in the Grand Prix will be determined by accumulated points as measured by the handicapped rating system described below.

Each of the Series events benefit, directly or indirectly, a deserving community service organization. It is hoped that this collaborative race series will further enhance the achievement of the goals of each of these organizations.

The Details

  • It's FREE!!! No charge for participation in the Grand Prix.
  • Participation in the 1999 Grand Prix is limited to runners only.
  • You must enter at your first race of the year by checking the box provided on the application. Once you enter, you are in for the year. Points will not be awarded retroactively for a race if you enter after you run that event.
  • You must enter and finish a minimum of 5 races in the series.
  • Only an individual's top five race scores w9ill be factored into the final total.
  • The top ten male and female series finishers will receive championship awards at the end of the year.
  • In the event of a tie score among the top ten finishers at the end of the series, the place of finish will be determined by the runner who has accumulated the most points for all races run (not just the points for the top 5 races).
  • Individuals who complete 10 out of the 11 races will receive a commemorative award at the end of the year.
  • Scheduled races and race dates are subject to change. Reasonable efforts will be made to notify series entrants if and when such changes occur. Grand Prix officials do not assume responsibility for cancellation of individual member races.
The Point System
  • Finish Points = Your percentile place of finish. For example, if you win a race you would receive 100 points. If you finish in the middle of the pack, you would receive 50 points, etc. Percentiles will be rounded up to the nearest whole number for each race.
  • Age Points = You will receive 1 point for each year your age is over or under age 28.
  • Bonus Points = You will receive 3 points per race if you are a member of the Morgantown Roadrunners/West Virginia Track Club. You must become a club member before you will be awarded points for a race.

An Example A race has 150 finishers - Runner A is 28 years old, finishes in 11th place, and is not a WVTC member. Runner B is 53 years old, finishes in 53rd place and is a WVTC member. Points for this race are calculated as follows:

  A B
Finish Points 93 65
Age Points 0 25
Membership Points 0 3
Total 93 93
It's a tie! A and B will have to duel it out in the next race!

The Morgantown Roadrunners, WV Track Club, would like to thank all the participants in the 1998 Grand Prix series. Participation in the series races increased by over 60% this past year. There were over 700 more runners than in 1997. This also means that an additional $7,000 was raised, of which a portion went to the various worthy causes. We would like to think the Grand Prix was responsible for part of this increase.

Morgantown Roadrunners, WV Track Club Membership Benefits:

  • Club members automatically become members of the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) and receive the RRCA quarterly news magazine.
  • Members receive Footnotes, the club's monthly newsletter.
  • Members receive updates of the Runner's High racing calendar throughout the racing season.
  • Members receive applications for all local races.
  • Members may participate in group training runs and handicapped club races.

If you would like to join the club or if you have any questions or comments concerning the 1999 Grand Prix series please contact:

    Rocky Kimble: (304) 291-3381
    John May: (304) 599-0949

    Morgantown Roadrunners/WV Track Club
    P.O. Box 4159
    Morgantown, WV 26504